Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cutie Stinkin' Patootie

These days, my child cracks me up more and more. Sure, she's throwing more tantrums and obeying less, but the cute things she is doing are trying desperately to outweigh that. 

We've been trying to get it on video for a while, but she and her daddy play a game with their pianos where they both play at the same time and then she puts her hands up in the air.....and they have to stop. Then start. Then stop. And on and on. It's pretty cute and it's so funny to watch her make up games. 

The other day I heard a noise out of the corner of my ear (don't you hear that way?) and knew it was my child getting on her daddy's laptop when she shouldn't be. I immediately go over and use my serious mom voice to tell her in no uncertain terms that she should not be doing what she was doing. Andy walks into the room and she turns to him and flashes a huge silly grin, as if to say, "Yo Dad, I'm totally in trouble." Unfortunately, I completely lost it. It was too darn cute and I had to walk away doubled over laughing. Discipline fail. 

Today she spent at least 10 minutes moving the cat's food from one dish to another. Quietly picking up dropped pieces and putting them back into the bowl. The cat just sat and stared, not sure how to intervene without losing fur. Fortunately, she has become a very patient kitty. 

Some days I feel as though I will
 never get her to eat anything but cereal and then she goes and surprises me by happily eating a meal with us of salmon, rice and peas. I content myself with knowing that if few veggies get in, she will always drink a smoothie with all kinds of fruit and hidden vegetables. Nutrition by trickery, that's my motto. 

And those faces. I love the raised eyebrows and the grouchy face and the eyes squinched tight. Oh, but the best new game that we play is sleepy time. Yesterday after her nap we were playing in her room with various toys when she pulls a pillow off the rocker and lays it on the floor. Then she pushes me down, brings me a blankie and some stuffed friends, has me turn on the fan, kisses me (with the best kissy noises), says "nigh, nigh" and proceeds to walk out of the room, closing the door behind her. She was a little bothered that she couldn't turn off the light, but it all worked out ok. Gee, if my own kid makes me take a nap, I'm doing great. 


Jenn said...

Awesome! We play nap time too, only everyone who is in the house has to get down on the floor and nap WITH my son. So Saturday mornings and afternoons you can find the whole family, plus teddy bears, plus pillows, plus a blanket all piled on the floor. The best part is that he will snuggle with all of us for the LONGEST time. It is so relaxing.

I have discipline fails all the time. Those crazy kids!

Anonymous said...

She IS so stinkin' precious.

Jean said...

how can so much sweetness be wrapped up in someone so wee? :)

Scrapnqueen said...

Sometimes I seriously wonder how humans ever got through babyhood with any nutrition at all before the blender was invented. Don't you? I also love soups (sipped through a straw!--I taught all of mine to do that around a year) for getting hidden veggies in. Blend 'em up, and they'll never know that what tastes so good is the same green or slimy item they turned their noses up at in whole form. Once my kids learned how to use the straw, they often "out-ate" us on soup nights!

That kid IS darn cute! Jabin saw the first picture and says, "I LIKE that baby!" :-)