Monday, November 08, 2010

Six Months or Seven

Hey there, handsome. Your smile and laughter is   decidedly infectious, little man. You are ticklish in so many places and I love to find every one and listen to your silly giggles. Every time you see me after you wake up in the morning or from a nap, you never fail to give me one of you big gummy grins. 

We have gotten to go on so many fun outings lately. The annual apple picking where we (not you) get to eat apples and donuts and drink cider. You were along to provide amusement and cuteness in your little apple hat. You did well. I have gotten more compliments on your cute apple hat than anything else! 

You even got to be an apple for Halloween when we went to The Zoo Goes Boo. Whenever you are in the stroller, no matter what we are doing, you are so content. We were even out a bit past your dinner and still did just dandy! So, while your sister got all the goods you were happy to sit by and watch the costumes stroll past. You just love to watch the people and the world going by. 

Thank goodness. Finally. Finally, you are regularly sleeping THROUGH the night. Not for just 5 or 6 hours either--I'm sorry, but I can't call that sleeping through the night--but for a pretty solid 12. Yes, it took several nights of our having to actually just turn off them monitor, but it was for your own good, my sweet. And while I had to turn off my mommy guilt when you were screaming bloody murder, you are always so happy when you wake up in the morning! Now, you may fuss a bit in the evening while you're still trying to really settle into sleep, but all in all, good sleep is being had by all. I can turn the monitor back on knowing that when you do wake up, you really need me. Or at least, that you really need a pacifier. 

 Your sister never fails to bring a smile to your face. And while she doesn't always obey when she is told to do something (or not do something) if I say I need her help changing a poopy diaper, she will come running! She'll grab your little hands to make sure they don't get all messy and then make sure I have wipes when I need them. When you guys are in the back seat she'll sit and say, "" until you turn and look at her and she can make you laugh. You are both starting to really enjoy each other and sort of even play together. I hope that the two of you will be able to be great friends. 

Six Months

At six months or so, your baby should do such and such. There are endless lists of what you could be/might be  doing every week but it's funny, because while it seems as though you is developing so quickly and changing daily before my very eyes, there aren't really a whole lot of milestones that you have gone through this month. You can definitely sit up well, though we are sure to keep the pillow behind you since your baby noggin tends to pull you over.

At seven months you are even more sturdy. You have a little rotation that you go through after every meal. A little time on your back--to prevent puking, mostly--then a little time sitting up with some toys and finally a stint in the bouncy saucer. That toy has been around the block a few times but you are really putting some miles into it! You love all the noise that it makes when you jump up and down. Yep, you're a boy.

That brings me to hollering. One might not think so with this innocent little face, but month seven seems to have brought about a good deal of hollering. You're not mad or upset, you just need to exercise the vocal chords or something. We're still banking on a punk rock band. You do love to listen to music, your daddy's in particular.

Solid meals are now taken twice daily and if you don't get a mouthful of something yummy and mushy, you will let us know it! The baby puff snacks are a lifesaver to be sure. So far the only food you have made a nasty face at was one of the trials at baby food testing. Yeah, I don't like many of those either kid, but you have to work for your supper!

According to your 7 month check-up, you are just 50% for height and 15% for weight. It seems as though you are eating twice your weight in food, but apparently, you're just a little bug. We'll just have to check in with you again when you're a teenager and taller than your daddy. That'll show 'em.

Em, you bring us so much joy and I look forward to each new day when you wake me up with your gummy smiles and baby coos. I could just eat you up and can't stop kissing you whenever I am holding you. My yummy, sweet baby boy.


Jean said...

can not wait to cuddle and hug and squeeze (not to hard) him!! Crazy that that excersaucer is still functioning. :)

anne said...

Seriously! You should see him rocket around in that thing!

Luanne said...

He is a handsome lad! I miss you guys!! A LOT!

Scrapnqueen said...

Augh! I want to pinch his little cheeks! And YAY! for sleeping through the night! That is always the best milestone, if you ask me! ;-)

Hugs, Anne!

Scrapnqueen said...

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