Thursday, January 06, 2011

8 or 9

Somehow the months keep rushing past us. I keep taking fewer and fewer photos, but loving more and more moments with my little guy. I just can't get enough of you. You giggle at the slightest provocation and are ticklish in almost every spot. Finally, with two little teeth, you give the best big grins. Even with the paci in, your whole face lights up when you see your Mama coming.

You are eating lots of solid foods. At least two square meals a day, if not three. You've got that pincer-grasp down pat and love your peas, bananas, pears, bread crumbs or anything else you can cram in that baby face of yours.  You're messy as can be and happy as a clam with your mouth full. Every time I give you a bottle, I spend most of the time kissing your little head and face. I simply can't help it, you are so yummy.

Last month, we dedicated you to the Lord. It is an important reminder that you are not really just my baby, but you are His. I just get to borrow you and snuggle you for a bit! I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it. We don't know what your life will bring, or who you will end up becoming, but we know it will be great. We want only the very best for you and pray that you will choose to give Him your life as well. 

You loved your first thanksgiving and happily ate potatoes and peas and rolls. Whenever there are lots of people about, you are highly entertained and happy. You just can't take naps in nursery anymore because there is too much to watch, too much going on. The nursery workers all say that you are the happiest baby in the room, even when it is hours past your nap time. If they only knew you four months ago!

 8 months

This year was a crazy Christmas, but fortunately, you were little enough to just go with the flow and not notice the stress and busyness. You napped practically anywhere we laid you down, and loved anyone who came to watch you. You were so sweet and handsome posing for your Christmas pictures. Sissy isn't always a fan of the camera anymore, but you still love it. And you love her. You love watching her dance and laugh whenever she laughs. 

One of your favorite places is the grocery store. So long as I have something for you to nibble on while we shop, you are content to ride in the seat of the cart as long as I want to browse. There is so much for you to see! And of course, you always flirt with whoever is behind us in line. You smile your huge smiles and tip your head all the way to the side to make anyone else smile right back.

A favorite thing that you do is pat. Pat, pat, pat. Whenever you are being held, you pat. If you are sitting in your high chair, you pat the chair. Not always with the same hand, and not all the time, but it is so sweet and cute. You say, "mama," and, "dada," but we're not at all sure you're referring to us. But we pretend all the same and keep reminding you who is who and what your name is too.

You love animals. You don't mind one bit if a huge dog licks all over your face and you get so excited when the kitty walks through the room. She's not at all sure she's so excited about you yet. Just wait until you really get moving, then we'll see how she feels! 

There seems to be a great deal more grunting with you than there ever was with your sister. You will not only chatter endlessly and gurgle at everyone, but you grunt all the time. Just for the sake of making noise, I think. Probably just because you are a boy, and that's just a boy noise. Daddy is waiting until you can make airplane noises and pretend laser sounds and guitar riffs. I think he wants to have an excuse to make those noises himself. 

You have spent a lot of time on your belly lately. No crawling as of yet. But lots of flipping over. Every time I change you or lay you down, you flip immediately. And for some reason, you seem to think that you can't flip back when you're perfectly capable. But alas, you often wake yourself up from a nap or nighttime to find yourself on your belly and very upset. Silly baby, just roll over! I'm afraid of losing you once you do learn to crawl though. You're very curious and I believe you will disappear easily. These are the good ol' days when I can just plop you in the middle of a pile of toys and know that you won't go anywhere. You might get yourself stuck on your belly or decide you need something new to play with, but you won't get lost.

 You and your sissy can sit and watch tv so happily. The past couple weeks you both got in way more tv babysitting than usual, but you aren't any the worse for the wear. Plus, who can argue with the snuggle time? You both play so well together in the tubby and she sometimes shares her toys with you. She doesn't always take them away at least.

Little man, you are a joy in our lives and we treasure each day with you. Just when I think you can't get any sweeter, you absolutely do. May we have a million kisses and a million more days. 


Luanne said...

Man, he's cute! Love it!

Scrapnqueen said...

Getting so big so fast! Jabin (my youngest) was a little flirt like that--and still is! Watch out for that one!

Beautiful tribute to your mom. She sounds like a beautiful lady. Now I know where you learned it from...