Thursday, October 18, 2007

Could it BE any cuter?

lolcat - i maked u someƂ love
more funny pictures


kerrianne said...

An avid non-cat person, even I can admit that is rather cute.

: )

Nate said...

Haha... took a second to see that.

Speaking of cats - are you guys going to re-stock your brood once again, or would that be too soon?

Anne said...

Kerrianne--isn't it!?

Nate, yeah it would be too soon. And I think we've pretty much decided to never get another one until this one dies...morbid, yes, but with all the 'crap' we've gone through, we're not up for the risk anymore!! We've got a keeper and we're sticking with her. I could maybe foster some kittens like I did w/ B&B's triplets, but that's the extent of it.