Monday, October 08, 2007

Swallowing My Pride with My Coffee

No one ever wants to admit that they were wrong. No one especially wants to admit that they were wrong twice. I guess I'm not saying I'm wrong, was wrong, whatever, but my admission is still embarrassing for some reason.

We had to get rid of another kitty. Me, a lover of all things furry and kitty-like, had to send away another member of my furry family. It's depressing, is what it is. It's admitting that I've failed as a kitty-mommy.

Clara was angry. Deliberately pooing two feet away from her litter box. Not every day, but at least three times a week. We tried changing the brand of litter, wiping down the inside of the box, keeping her in her own space, etc and etc. After a few months, she got madder and starting peeing two feet away from the box.

I put off "the talk" for as long as possible. She was really hubby's kitty. She preferred him over me any day. I didn't want to be the one to tell him that he had to get rid of his lap warmer, his music muse, his adoring little fluffy girl. Plus, I wasn't the one who had to clean up after her. But I also knew that I was done with the whole situation.

Last week hubby went to a leadership conference for several days in Atlanta. In my "condition" I'm not allowed to have anything to do with whatever comes out of the cats so I knew she had to go before he left on his trip.

Now, a week later and a kitty shorter, we are in the process of refinishing the floors in that room. Today we bought the replacement boards (yep, she ruined some enough that they were rotten and needed to be completely replaced), stain, and the needed accessories. Sometime this week we'll be renting the floor sander to strip the carpet glue and random paint from the hardwood. Honestly, we have been wanting to do this project for years, but this is just a crappy situation that it had to come through.

Cammie, our now-single kitty, seems to be adjusting well. The first few days she was extra needy and cuddly and I sometimes wondered if she was looking around for Clara. But at the same time, I think she likes being an only kitty, having all the attention. Fortunately, she has never had any accidents and doesn't seem to have any emotional problems for us to worry about. Let's just hope she likes babies. I don't think I could handle giving up one more.


Hillary said...

Ooooh... sweet Clara! I'm so sorry to hear that, Anne. It suck-suck-suckity-sucks to lose a pet. :(

Though I'm sorry... me and all my maturity can't help but giggle: a "crappy" situation? That was intentional, right?

Ahem. I mean, poor Clara! FOrget that, Poor YOU! Cammie's extra cuddles are probably good for you, too!

Jean said...

Cammie is quite the lap warmer and cuddler.

You are a good kitty mommy who showers all kitties with love.

Anne said...

Hillary you are hysterical! Yeah...crappy indeed.

Thanks Jean...I do love all kitties, really I do. I just don't love when they poo on my floor!

Scrapnqueen said...

It may have been a "crappy situation" before--let's hope a whole lot less so now! :-)

Sorry to hear about that, Anne. Sometimes, with animals, you just have to do what's best for them and for you--let them go someplace they'll be happier in the long run.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Have a latte and biscotti. (Decaf, of course!) Think of all the messes you'll never have to clean up after her again. (You'll have messy diapers enough to clean up soon, if you get nostalgic!)

Scrapnqueen said...

Also, I tagged you.

Kassi said...

I understand your hurt. I am trying to make that decision right now as well...but thankfully the situation hasn't become destructive or too targeted to be fixed. Still working it out though...