Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby 5.5

(She is now five and a half months old. I kept missing and then putting off writing her five month post. Apparently, she was also neglected this month as she has very few pictures. But she's got lots of fun video. It just needs editing. A very time consuming project.)

This month you seemed to make so many changes! Not only are you getting bigger every day, (and always cuter) but you really seem to be learning new things. I still have a hard time distinguishing whether you are doing something intentionally or accidentally, but it is starting to move more often toward intention.

You love to grab. Anything and everything, but most especially people's faces. Noses, hair, eyes, lips. Your toys hold new interest for you and you can play with a toy for a lot longer now. You notice the textures and the movements and you are more concerned with all their different sounds.

It's possible that you've started teething as you can go through your whole pile of bibs in a day with your drool. The binkie seems to keep some of it in, but you can leak all over in mere moments. I have been making waterproof bibs so you don't have to change your clothes as many times.

You now love to stand up. You can only handle lying down or rolling around for so long before you want to stand. Sitting is only a means for you to be closer to standing. I think we may need to buy some more sticky-footed socks so you don't slide all over.

We still try to enforce tummy time as often during a day as possible, but you are not a fan at all. You will tolerate it, and our silly shenanigans for about five minutes until you have had enough. I have a bad feeling that you are going to be a walker long before you crawl.


Kris said...

Where does the time go? :)
Leah did not like tummy time at all...until she learned that she could get around that way (at about 5-6 months) Now she dosen't ever want to lay on her back (even to be changed)she wants to be up cruising the furniture :)
Won't be long till your next round of babyproofing begins ;)

Hillary said...

Anne! I know I already told you this, but SO MUCH CUTENESS! I love her expression in the last one!

Mariahs Mom said...

She is sooooo cute! God blessed you with such a sweetie! Thanks for sharing her with us.

Tricia :)

Kat said...

I think she is one of the prettiest babies I have ever laid eyes on.

Andria said...

She's so cute I just can't stand it!

I love the expressions she gets, so sweet! And such gorgeous eyes!

Great job guys!