Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Joining In: WFMW

I don't usually do a daily post or a "scheduled" topic, but today I was specifically thinking of a few things that worked for me today.

Craigslist. I don't know if you have a craigslist community near you, but you should definitely check into it. I sold a ton of great stuff yesterday and am steadily purging my house of things I don't need, hardly use, and am completely sick of. Plus, I am building up my home improvement fund for remodeling the attic & the basement this winter.

Paying my car insurance premium semi-annually instead of monthly. With our last car, we only had the minimum insurance coverage and the premium reflected this. I was easily able to pay it up front and didn't have to see regular bills. I have been saving up enough lately to pay the most recent one altogether and am looking forward to not having to pay it again until December! Why shouldn't I collect some interest and avoid the (albeit small) monthly fee? Plus, it just makes me feel much more on top of things to get this done.

What doesn't work for me on this beautiful, sunny Wednesday? The piles of laundry to put away, the dishes, the garden to clean and move, the luggage still sitting out, the odds and ends and junk around that needs to be returned to rightful places. All in due time, I suppose. Reading a book and being back in the cottage on the lake would work for me a whole lot better I think.


Audra Krell said...

This is a great tip. Everything adds up, including the three dollar fee I pay to break it up every month. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

oh, put your feet up and read a book on the hammock. All that other stuff can wait.

ShellyM said...

"the garden to clean and move" ? How often do you move your garden around your house. and why are you cleaning it ?

anne said...

Thanks Jill....I think I needed to hear that. Course, you're on vacation so it could be just vacation advice. :)

Shelly...yes, actually. My rooftop garden isn't in the sun at the moment so it needs to be moved. And one of my front gardens still is full of tulip and daffodil leaves and needs to be cleaned out and replanted with annuals. So...cleaned & moved!

Jean said...

I think today is a great put your feet up and relax day as it's so hot out. enjoy!

Buffy said...

I've never even thought about how I pay my insurance.

I HAVE thought about chucking it all in and heading to the Lakes though. :)

anne said...

Thanks Jean! Two for the hammock! Hooray! Baby & I have done some sitting out there. Though, frankly, it is pretty hot out on the hammock. We totally need a ceiling fan out there.

Buff...I'm with you. If we could have, I would have stayed at the cottage all summer. Sigh.