Monday, September 15, 2008

Month Eight

Sweet girl, you have had a good month. Your little body has been growing and learning and stretching at every moment. You recognize your name and some of the names of people around you. While you haven't said "Mama", you know that that is who I am.

Finger foods are very manageable for you now. You've got the pincher grasp down and are so happy with a bowl of O's, baby puffs or bananas to snack on. You love your sweet tators and pears best of all, but will tolerate pretty much anything so long as it is paired with a bite of some rice cereal.

You like to spend as much time standing as you possibly can. Some days we have to force you to sit or lie down and work other muscles, otherwise you'd never get any other exercise. And the books say you have to, so we've got to follow the books, right? Work those abs, baby!

Whether it's at the coffee table, the couch, the tub or around the outside of the exer-saucer you are quite the little cruiser. Not that you seem to go very fast and you don't really appear to be in a hurry for any real walking, but you're darn cute pounding your little hands or toys on the table.

I knew you were teething lately, but I had no idea that you would turn out to be a tiny vampire. Apparently, I am going to have to start stocking up on red meat.

We've started your sewing lessons this month. Won't be long before you can start putting together your own home made clothes. It's just tricky keeping your fingers out from under the needle...

Every day we try to spend time outside. Either walking or playing in the yard or going to the park. You love feeling the breeze and watching the world go by. Everything holds so much interest and it's so fun to see you experience all the different things in life for the first time.

Your favorite toy this month was the spinners. Tops. Anything we could put on a hard surface and twirl. You'll crawl for them, stare at them, do your tummy time for them. Spin, spin, spin.

My little boppy girl. We had to put the rocker and a few of your other baby things away this month as you are starting to outgrow them. A little comparison maybe? To how tiny you were when you first were sleeping here?

Baby girl. Eight months seems so old! Sigh. Can't you just quit growing? Pretty please?


Jean said...

need to go find some kleenex. i hate missing so much.

but I DO love the guitar shirt!! :)
give that big girl a squeeze from me (and Sam and Alina too..)

Kris said...

Way too fast. I wish there was a pause button.
Leah had sweet taters and pears for dinner last night, she is also a fan.

heather said...

So big!! That comparison picture was an eye-opener. can you believe how much she's grown in JUST 8 months!! Yikes. She's so stinkin' adorable!!

Luanne said...

I love seeing baby girls in cute! They do grow fast, don't they? I totally remember the day my Annie was born...every detail...and now she is a freshman in high school and 14 yrs old! 33 years olos is just not old enough for a high schooler...don't you agree?

Carbon said...

I can't believe 8 months has passed. Wow.