Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Sigh of Epic Proportions

Every working mother knows the frustration and stress and worry of where to put her child in day care. I only work part time and a good half of those hours are spent during church services. My girl can happily play in the nursery with several fabulous and professional baby-holders while I go about my job.

After 7 months of having my dearest friend care for Randall during the one day a week I'm in the office, I faced the weighty task of finding someone new. Of course, this would also come smack dab in the middle of her starting the joy of separation anxiety!

For a couple weeks, she was going to a girl who I knew from church and who also watched another good friend's baby. Unfortunately, starting this week, she is full on the day I need a spot.

I had two other good leads of highly recommended caregivers, but one of them ended up being full and the other doesn't do single day positions.

A couple days later, I got a number of another girl whom I know and who nannies full-time but also takes on babysitting and might work out.

No dice. She had just picked up that "one more" child she could watch.

From one of my original leads, I was given the number and website of the local daycare organization. While I knew there were probably tons of great places on that list, the thought of going from taking my daughter to my best friend to taking her to someone I didn't know at all sent me to tears instantly. It still makes me tear up.

The stress was mounting in my heart. I knew that God had the right person in mind to take care of my princess, but I felt as though time was running out and I just didn't know what to do. Several friends and coworkers were praying diligently for me as we all knew it just isn't feasible for me to bring her to work on a regular basis.

We've brought her in a couple times and Andy carries on his morning meeting in the nursery while playing with blocks and balls, then I take the afternoon shift and try to do my work while she naps or plays in a jumper. It doesn't really make for the most productive of days, I'll be honest.

I called a couple other girlfriends and asked where they took their kids. If I could at least find somewhere that someone I knew was going, it would lighten my concerns considerably. One girl said that the Salvation Army, (where her husband works) has child care and both she and her son (as well as another family we know) love it. I took down the number and was immediately feeling more peaceful just knowing a good option was available.

Before I even got a chance to call them, my other girlfriend replied via Facebook to my message. She asked a couple questions and I got the impression that she might be interested. A little while later, she sent me a message saying she wanted to take on the job!

We have been in a couples' small group together for over five years. I've watched her raise her daughter and know her and her family very well. She's a teacher and loves kids. She quit last spring to raise her daughter and son (who is exactly one month older than Randall) and decided to help her family income with childcare.

We basically are answering each other's prayers.

I don't ever doubt that God will come through with my every need. But I still take all of the worry onto myself as if somehow I don't believe it. In the grand scheme, this isn't a monumental situation. In my heart though, it is enormous.

Tomorrow is her first day. Her bag is packed and her bottles are full. It's like the first day of school and I'll probably cry when I drop her off. Her little arms outstretched and her sad face as I leave. But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she will be in loving hands. And that is worth all the stress and fear. I will work diligently tomorrow to pay for that childcare, but I won't worry about my girl at all.


anne said...

Oh honey - I'm not even close to the end of my maternity leave, but I was tearing up with you. I have a hard enough time leaving Aidan with my mom some evenings... and she LIVES with us! I don't know what going back to work will look like for me - I have to work full-time. So it looks like we'll be doing the day care shuffle as well... sigh.

I'll be saying a prayer for you and Sweet Pea that you BOTH survive the separation anxiety :-)

Jenn said...

WOW! You totally stressed me out and I don't even HAVE to leave my son in daycare! My heart felt all heavy and I wanted to cry with you. I'm glad that you've found a great place for her. I don't know how I'm going to handle it when I have to get a babysitter for the first time.

Luanne said...

I know just how hard that was for you!! I have been there many, many times. I hope her day goes well. She will adjust quickly, especially once she realizes you will always come back for her and she gets comfortable with her new surroundings.

Cheeky said...

Whew! So glad you've found a great place for Randi. We were fortunate to find great loving care for Liam when I was still working FT--I know what a relief it is to have that all set up so that once you go to work, you can be at peace.

Michelle B said...

Perfect - I'm so glad it worked out! I think you've found the perfect place! ;)

Tricia said...

I have not yet had to experience this...praise God. However I am starting a part time job this next week and that will mean 4 nights a week that Daddy will have her and I will miss out on night time fun and bedtimes. I know it will be hard to do but I am glad she is 3 and is able to handle it better. At least it will only be me crying!

Jean said...

Again, I'm so glad Jesus answered this prayer for you. It IS a huge deal and you'll be at such peace dropping her off today knowing the princess will be in excellent hands. Though I sure do miss her.

heather said...

Praise God! So glad this worked out!! What a huge relief for you - I can only imagine the stress of that situation...

D, L, M, C, and J said...

I would have watched her if we were still in Michigan. I am glad you found someone you were comfortable with! How did the first day go?

thediaperdiaries said...

What a huge answer to prayer. I am so glad it is working out :)

anne said...

You all made me tear up! :) I read most of your comments right after I got to work yesterday morning and I had to fight from blubbering at my desk!

You're the best.