Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Night Ponderings

It's time for me to hit a few of the questions that I was asked back on my bag giveaway contest and I'm challenging you to answer these as well.

The first two questions are lovely little lists and like most bloggers, me likee lists!

"If you were 20 (single and no baby) and money were not an object, what are five things that you would want to do in life and why?"

1. Go on a backpacking tour through Europe and Asia.
2. Live in Africa working at an orphanage for several months to a year.
3. Take classes on photography, dance and cooking.
4. Learn another language fluently.
5. Work on a kibbutz in Israel for a year.

"If you were 60 (still no family concerns) and money were not an object, what are five things you would want to do and why? What accounts for the differences between the two lists?"

1. Take an expensive b&b and castle trip through Europe.
2. Buy a home on a lake and host weekly Sunday brunch gatherings with friends on my veranda overlooking the water.
3. Buy horses and stables with property adjacent to my lake house.
4. Take classes in history and agriculture.
5. Garden and read books all the live-long day.

Big differences in my lists. I think I will still want to travel when I am older, but backpacking will definitely not be as attractive as comfy beds and renting spiffy European cars. However, at the same time, I want to continue learning as long as I live and enjoy as much out of life as possible! I've done a lot of wonderful things in my life and hope to keep living it to the fullest! Even while happily being a Mommy.

What are your lists? If you're a lurker, give this a shot. If you want to cover it on your own blog, go ahead and link back here, just shoot me a comment that you're doing your own post!


Luanne said...

hmmm...good questions...I am going to work on this one...stay tuned!!

Tricia said...

I will be posting on my site. Good stuff to think on!

Tricia :)

Jenn said...

Mostly my lists both consist of traveling the worlds, learning languages, studying cultures and eating lots of food. So instead I'll tell you the highlights of my various family members.

My grandfather would go back and become a volcanolgist.
When my sister is 60 she'd go skinny dipping in a lake.
My husband wants to spend time in a monastery.
My grandmother wants to study those American Indian mounds that are in the cool shapes like snakes and stuff (I can't remember what they're called).

Oh and there were hot air balloon rides (or becoming a hot air balloon pilot), skydiving and that sort of things as well. Oh and deep sea diving.

Luanne said...

Well, I finally finished my lists! You can find my answers over at my blog. That was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I found myself trying to answer the "if you were 20" question with things I didn't do but wanted or things I already had done...which I thought was cheating!!

Come on over and read it!! Hope you and your cutie family are doing well!