Sunday, August 10, 2008

Month Seven

This wasn't as much a month full of firsts as last month. However, you have been eating a lot more interesting things. The cost of our grocery bill has been significantly offset by your job. "Baby food tester extraordinare." We've tried mac & cheese (nasty), oatmeal with fruit (ok), yogurt fruit juice (yummy but weird) and infant water. Not sure why I would buy water for my infant, but we tested it nonetheless. Thanks for stepping up and contributing to our family budget needs. We appreciate it fully.

You are SO close to crawling. I was sure that you would skip it entirely in favor of walking but with a little bit of help, you are pulling and pushing yourself forward. That or you're practicing your yoga.

Here we have "up dog" and "the cobra."

Not only are you almost crawling, you spend most of your time trying to climb. Up us, mostly.

This past week you got to meet some more of your Great-Aunts and spend time with Gramee, Papa & GG. Anytime you are around people you have gotten so that you are super happy and smiley. I'm afraid you'll be bored when it's just the three of us and there are no extra people to give you all of their attention! You just love people.

Ahhhh, the pool.

If it is something to do with water, you are all about it. You love your swimmy boat and splashing up in the air. If only we had a pool at home, we would be in it every single day. You'll have to content yourself with your little kiddie pool. The boat won't fit, but you can sploosh and splash to your tiny heart's content. We're pretty sure you are going to refer to water as "splooshy."

We've only gotten to the beach once so far this year, but it was a beautiful day and you got to play in the big waves and dig in the sand. The textures were so interesting that I had a hard time keeping the sand out of your eyes! Thank goodness for the binx so you didn't eat any of it... It is amazing all of the places that sand can creep into. And impossible to get it all out.

Silly little bucket-head. You haven't figured out yet how to put this on or take it off. So I get to do silly things to you and they just stay there cutely. Heh heh.

You may not know for years how blessed you are or how much people love you, but Mama is so thankful for some of your friends who are willing to watch you while she works. You love your buddy Alina who plays dress up with you and plays with your toys with you and distracts you during a change and pats your head and gives you endless hugs and kisses. You will sit and play for hours with her. Or maybe it's that you sit and let her play with you. You are such a cute little baby doll.

You are going to miss Alina and Jean so much. But I'm sure we'll get set up on Skype quickly so that you can still see them as much as possible!

I can't stop looking at your sweet face. I think I say this every month, but you get sweeter every day. Every morning I lie in bed and listen to your chatters as you wake up and then go in to get you and am rewarded with your beautiful smiles. Even when you are messy or grumpy or exceedingly poopy you are my favorite little person in the world.

You love to play with hair and it often soothes you when you're grouchy. Your Dolly Mama doll has the perfect little mass of hair to twiddle. Smaller toys are the most fun as they fit perfectly in your little hands. Especially the Little People pirates. We can't wait to teach you to say "Avast, ye scaly-wags!"

If there was an Olympic sport of raspberry-bubble-making, you would absolutely win the gold. You didn't drool much while teething, but when trying to blow berries, you can fill a swimming pool. And speaking of Olympics, I'm pretty sure you have been watching far too much TV this past week. Basketball seems to be the most entertaining, but you have been seeing all kinds of records broken lately, and I'm ok with it. We'll turn the TV off next month. (except that next month is all the season premiers, but that's after you go to bed so it doesn't count)

We love you baby girl. You kill us with your cuteitude.


Hillary said...

AH! The sweetness of that little face! It's hurting my teeth! :)

Your baby girl is so lucky to have a momma like you!

Jean said...

I'm so glad the suit fit! it's so cute!
Alina and I are going to miss her too...and we come!!!
I love the pic of her on the couch. so grown up! heck...I love all the pics!! :) She is so blessed to have you and Andy as momma and daddy! :)

anne said...

I love that Hillary...your teeth hurt...ha!

I hate that she's growing up so fast. Boo. It's so cute to compare her couch pics though. :)

Kris said...

I remember the yoga's so fun to watch them figuring things out. Have fun chasing soon :)

Scrapnqueen said...

She is just so darn cute! This is the best age--all that interactive cuteness, none of the crawling around and breaking stuff or injuring themselves.

Hugs, Anne!

Jen said...

I see teeth! She's getting so big Anne! She's pretty darn cute :)