Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The West Coast Vortex

I won't go so far as to say that the West Coast is inherently evil, even if I secretly might think that to be true. I mean, I've always heard how beautiful, how cultural, how advanced everything is. And that's great, sure, but I'm pretty sure there is some type of ominous sucking vortex along the shore.

This post has taken me almost a week to write, which is pretty ridiculous. I'm basically just afraid I will find myself sitting here on the couch crying all over my mac. I'm fond of my mac and want to spare it this disservice.

Please, West Coast. All I want is to have my friends back. Three years is a really long time. I'll wait if I have to, but promise you'll spit them back out when you're done? It's not all that much to ask of a Coast.

That is all.


Hillary said...

:( Sending you big squishy squashy hugs, Anne!

Thanks for sharing your friends with me! (I talk like they've moved to Vancouver! hehe!)

Ummmm.... you and Andy and your bundle of cuteitude need to come visit the West Coast Vortex. And then make a weekend trip up to see me! Free accomodation! Woot woot!

Praying for you!

Kristi said...

It is so hard when God shakes things up. True and meanigful friendships are a true gift.

Jean said...

i think it'll spit your friends back like the whale spit jonah on the shore.

maybe we'll find the amulet charlie, while the fuguu fish swim away from the vortex! Swim away fuguu fish, swim away!!

i'm going to go wipe my eyes now. my mac would probably appreciate not being all wet too.

Ed said...

Seriously Jean did wipe her eyes. She loves and misses her BFF!

Nikki said...

I love you!