Saturday, March 07, 2009

Five Seasons

Some people say that in Michigan we really only have two seasons, Winter and Construction. As true as this oft may be, I want to put a name in the suggestion box for a fifth registered season. I call it Waiting. Another working title could be Almost There.

Spring always comes eventually. It's just that during the Waiting season, Winter tends to come and go. Spring seems to ebb and flow around here. One day we're teased and tempted by high temps and actual, bright Spring sunshine, and the next Winter snatches it all away and throws cold and snow back in our faces.

I'm looking forward to 'soon' being 'now'.


Jean said...

next thing you know, spring will have sprung. :)

Anonymous said...

amen to that!

Jenn said...

Any day now, right?

Luanne said...

I hear ya! Me too !!!