Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Quick Peek

I'm trying valiantly to get a handle on all of the video I have stored up of my kiddo. If you thought the walking was cute, just take a gander at this mini.

Quick Peek from Anne on Vimeo.

If you're a grandparent or great aunt, you'll want to watch the whole 2 1/2 minutes as well.

Long Peek from Anne on Vimeo.

And just because it's sweet to see teeny babies talking...I guess I'm reminiscing. In no time, she'll be heading off to school.

Storytime from Anne on Vimeo.


Jean said...

HOW HILARIOUS and so SWEET!!! Loved how she was looking through her hands and yet was still happy to see that you were still there! :) It's so true...before you know it she'll be at school. :) She seemed so tiny in that last one!

Jenn said...

Babies sound SOOOO different from toddlers! I had already forgotten that. Peekaboo is a favorite around our house as well.