Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gender Neutral

Cars are a big favorite right now. I picked up a bag of five little cars at a garage sale last week for .50 and she has been playing with them every day since. 

(Also, while I'm on the topic, can I just reiterate how much I love garage sales? Because I really do. We got new-in-the-box Pottery Barn curtain rods that we needed for the attic, two lattices for my plants for $2, a fabulous backyard playset (like this, but different), a baby doll stroller and swing, ($1 each!) books and a bunch of clothing for winter and for Randi's soon-to-be-seen cousin. Whew. The only bummer is that there is nothing I need to get at sales for the rest of the summer. Not that that will keep me from stopping. Who knows what gems are to be found!)

Fortunately, while baby girl loves playing with her trucks, she also likes rooting through mama's purse and toting around her baby doll. The new doll stroller was a smash hit, to the point that when she has friends over she will not share this toy. Any other toy can be shared with no problem, but she will literally shove a kid out of her way to get the stroller back. We're working on that...


Jean said...

Alina still plays with Sam's cars. :)

I hear you on the stroller! Alina was the exact same way with hers!

yay for g-sales! they are so addicting!

Luanne said...

I haven't been to a garage sale in a l-o-o-o-o-n-g time! You'd like my garage sales...I basically give everythibg away because I just want it out! I might have one soon...I'll let you know :)

anne said...

I used to LOVE playing with my brother's G.I. Joe's. He always got mad because I made them all be friends.

Luanne, you do let me know and we'll come right on over! :)