Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Project Central

It has been busy around here. Since we decided last week that it would be in everyone's best interests to stay home from travel this week, we have been getting some work done around the house. Not too much, mind you it's still our vacation, but some. 

In an older home, there are always weird quirks that one must accommodate. Old, questionable wiring shouldn't be one of those things. Therefore, my handy dandy man redid all of the electrical for the first floor in preparation for finishing the rest of the basement. I can now plug in a three-pronged plug without having to use one of those annoying adapters. I can't tell you how irritating that has been and how thankful I am now that there is no fear of blowing the house up. At least not from the first floor electrical. 

Frankly, this is going to be a very long process. The Studio is moving to the basement once it is  finished. The Playroom (currently the living room, dining room, porch and kitchen) will be the former studio once it is painted and storage installed. Our Bedroom will move up into the Master Suite of the attic once that is re-insulated, drywalled, painted, built-in cabinets installed, closets walled in and carpet laid. The current sewing room will move one room over to where our bedroom is now and that room will become the next Nursery. (No. I am not announcing anything. Do you see how long that list is? Do you also see how this is the last item on the list? Yeah, no announcements anytime soon, believe me.)

But I'm so excited about this process. While I, as much as anyone, hate the mess and the chaos and the expense and the fatigue and the stress that a huge (HUGE) home project creates, I look forward to how much more practical the set up will be and how much more organized it will be as well. We're taking it relatively slow and easy as our budget and time allows. We've been saving for a while and scrimping the extra bits that come along to make this thing happen. 

It will be so nice to be able to shut all the dang toys away in one room. Right now the Farm and the Zoo and the Circus train are taking up residence in the play Kitchen right next to two wheeled wagons full of blocks and stuffed animals. 

At any rate, now that the electrical is done, the next steps are the walls of the basement. He is already kicking it into gear. Here you see the before shot. Pretty much just some blue walls and a lot of mess. Basements are like that. 

And here you will see some framing. Along with a bit more mess. I'm told it will only get worse before it gets any better. This week we buy some insulated, sound-reducing doors. We'll see how much of that noise we can contain down there. 

 My main job is pretty much just occupying the kiddo whilst the sawing and drilling and hammering go on. And a bit of gardening on the side. Ok, a lot of gardening. The weather has been perfect for it. Not too hot, not too cold. Goldilocks weather. Here's hoping my tummy stays in decent enough shape to finish what I have to do. 

What have you been up to lately? 


Dawn said...

I totally get the old house issues. We have lived in this place for 24 years and we are still bringing it up to speed. It IS, after all, the oldest house on the street....built by the daughter of the founder of our smalltown (established 1809).
We were just discussing the electrical stuff. The house was the hubs' grandparents' home..and some of that was done when they first moved in..but there are still some questionable areas to address. Nope, we are not needing any of that furry wire here.
Just keep plugging away. You will eventually get there.
In our case, 5 in Christian school delayed things a bit.

anne said...

I have always loved your house, Mrs E. It's fabulous to "watch" you do new stuff to it. Maybe we can come by for a tour next time we're in town?

We've got a couple years before our munchkin is ready for school so hopefully she'll stay cheap enough.. :)

The furry wire is SO ridiculous! Breaks apart in your fingers...practically just from looking at it!

Jean said...

that basement, your bedroom and the toy room are going to be amazing. Of course it'll be amazing! the rest of your house is amazing with all the sweat, blood, dust and nails you've done over the years. Can't wait to see the progress pictures!

and nice non-announcement. :)

Anonymous said...

Home projects are so exhilarating! I'll look forward to reading and seeing the progress on your blog.