Thursday, January 14, 2010

I have a Two-Year-Old?

Where has the time gone? It's one of those silly old cliches that everyone tells you, but you don't realize until all of a sudden you have a two-year-old. She's past being just a toddler and she's really a little kid.

For her birthday dinner we had a french toast brinner and it was a success for all. Though she only wore the birthday hat long enough for me to take a picture, she was very proud of it being her day. This girl loves to pose for pictures. In fact, she will bring the camera over to me so I can snap a shot and then she can look at it. We might be cultivating a diva here.

She loves to make silly faces and has started laughing at her own "jokes" though we don't get them yet. Randi is still hard to understand though she does seem to be getting a few more words. The kid knows her alphabet but is not articulate in the least. I'm not sure when I should be concerned about her verbal skills. As of yet, I know she's a smart cookie, but it would be nice for us to be able to comprehend what she wants.

She got her first Lego set from a friend this year and it has seriously been her most favorite toy ever. The first night she played for over an hour and a half by herself and then woke up the next morning and played some more. She brings the little people with her in the car and loves it when I "remodel" the house so it is new all the time.
Frankly, her father and I get plenty of fun out of the building and can't wait until she graduates to the big kid legos so we can play too!

We also made the switch into the toddler bed. Randi is so very proud that she can climb into her bed for bedtime and naps and snuggles up right away with her blanket and pillow. I bought a little travel pillow that I made a pink striped cover for so she would have a kid-sized pillow. She often brings it with her when she comes to snuggle in bed with us. The funniest part of our morning is when we hear a knock on her bedroom door. Instead of calling out to us that she is up, she gets out of bed and walks to her door and knocks. Waits. Knocks again until we come get her. Even if all she wants is her paci and to go back to sleep. Cracks me up every time.

Of course, the biggest achievement since reaching age two has been potty training. I took this week off from working (still working at home, of course) and we have spent a lot of time in the bathroom. It's amazing how exciting it is when your child finally gets the hang of the potty. Corny though it may be, I'll admit that I teared up the first time she did it on her own.

I just got a package of cloth pull-ups in the mail today. They look like her big girl panties, but have more absorbency and will hopefully work great for travel and night-time. She stayed dry for her nap yesterday but still wears plastic over her panties just in case.

People, I know I have raved about them before, but Blueberry Diapers comes through for me every time. I got these training pants at a great clearance price and they arrived literally two days later with regular shipping. As usual, I am wondering why they don't make grown up panties this comfy. I mean, really. My tush would love something this soft!


Kris said...

For the potty training did you just quit diapers and do training pants full time? How did you decide she was ready?
We are on and off with potty training, some days she will ask for big girl pants and do well, and the next she dosen't want anything to do with them. (This has been going on awhile...)
stubborn girl.
How is the remodel going? Is it finished yet?

anne said...

We just quit dipes this week. Course, she doesn't know that what we call "night-time pants" are really diapers, but we put them on while she's standing up so it feels different to her.
It took until yesterday before she did anything in the actual potty and she is still having accidents, but she seems to be getting the idea.
I pretty much decided for her that she was ready. I wanted to give her a few months to really get the idea down solidly so we've been focusing on it all week. I'm hoping that the cloth pull-ups will work well for travel and at church. That part I'm a little worried about, but we'll be taking it one day at a time!
That's basically the info I've gotten from a few other moms who potty trained intentionally and early.
I wish the remodel was further along than it is, but we're getting there. The joy of old houses is that there are a ton of annoying little things that need to be fixed before the darn drywall can be hung. But as soon as it's ready, we're getting the guys in to hang it! :)

Becky Dow said...

Hey Anne! Great for you and Randall! Layne has defintely been ready for potty training for awhile, but Mommy didn't want to have a potty-training little girl to mess with on our long trips over the last month. Anyways...something I learned from potty training with Hannah. We put her in panties at naptime and put plastic pants over top of them (I think we even started off doing it that way at night). Most of the time when she peed in her sleep, she continued sleeping. She was also sleeping in a pack-n-play b/c we were in the middle of a move, so she couldn't have gotten up anyway to go potty if she needed to. But we ended up giving her a yeast infection. The Dr. told us that we couldn't expect her to all night consistently without peeing and since she didn't have a way to get up and go we needed to put her in pull-ups. It sounds like that's what you're using now anyway...but I just thought I'd put a bug in your ear that you'll want to make sure that the cloth "bedtime undies" (that's what we call pull-ups) are pulling the moisture away or it can really cause some problems. Just my little tidbit! :) We'll see how Lane does over the next week or so.

anne said...

Thanks Beck! The cloth pull-ups are lined with fleece so they are great at wicking! Not great for letting her know she's wet, but they're more for night-time or car travel anyway.

Hopefully, we'll have more success this week. I think I need to break out the M&Ms more for enticement!