Monday, January 11, 2010

Way Behind

So, Christmas.

This year we thoroughly enjoyed a quiet Christmas. While Andy had 5 services at church for Christmas Eve, we attended one and then spent the rest of the evening with friends. The week had been busy beforehand with regular work to be done and late night rehearsals for the Christmas eve services. Therefore, Friday morning found us all in our jammies and sleeping in late. Randi has discovered the joy of snuggling in Mama & Daddy's bed for a little while when they aren't ready to get up yet.

We made the choice to stay in jammies for the entire day and after breakfast we started in on our stocking gifts. Not knowing what an almost two-year-old would think of opening presents, we found that she had to spend a good amount of time playing with whatever she opened. So we opened a couple little things, watched a Muppet Christmas movie and then opened a couple more. The presents under the tree weren't even touched until after her afternoon nap!

Baby Girl's favorite gift of the day was her new kitty pjs. A friend picked out the cutest pair of "old man" pjs with little pockets. As soon as Randi pulled them out of the box, she held them up to herself and asked that we put them on her. Then she ran to the mirror to check herself out. What a little goof. She also proceeded to spend most of the day playing with the cat toys instead of the new books or any of her little toys. Sigh.

I'm sure next year with a three-year-old and a baby will be plenty more insanity so it was nice this year to have some quiet and enjoy just the three of us.

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