Saturday, June 19, 2010

Would You Like Some Random With That?

A. There is nothing more horrible to hear than a child who is seriously terrified. A couple nights ago after the kids were in bed, Andy and I were down in the studio chatting about this and that. All of a sudden we could hear feet running across the floor above us. Generally, when the girl gets up in the evening she is timid and knows she should be in bed, so running feet were very abnormal. We bolted for the stairs and then I heard it. The screaming. I have never heard her scream like that. I don't know how long she had been awake but when we didn't come get her and she couldn't find us, she was terrified.

The poor thing was sobbing and gasping for breath and while I snuggled and reassured her over and over it took a good long while before she was calm again and ready to go back to bed. Next time we're not going anywhere without the monitor. Can I just accept my bad parent award now?

B. The boy loves his tummy time. This is probably the biggest difference between him and his big sis. He'll lay on his mat looking up for a good 5 minutes or more. Look at that smirk! He has become so sweet and smily. The car seat is still his arch-nemesis, but he is getting a little better. Hopefully, next week's 8 hour road trip will not cause anyone's ears to bleed.

C. This morning we went out for hubby's birthday/father's day breakfast at our new favorite local joint. I think once our bikes are tuned up and the kids' trailer hitched on, we'll be able to ride there easily! This was one of those great places where you don't have to eat lunch later you get so much food. I think I might have a pancake for a late snack, actually.

D. Hubby got older last night. We had a great time at the annual bbq in the park last night. Good food (ok, so the bacon wrapped shrimp got a little charred, but still tasted great!), great friends and some ladder ball.

And then the sky turned ominous. Those with smart phones quickly looked at and scanned for the doppler to see how much time we had to pack up. What did we use to do without technology? Get rained on?!

Luckily, the house was clean and the kids ended up having a blast running around and playing in the playroom. Chaos reigned.

What did you do this week?

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