Thursday, June 10, 2010

Month Two + 7

It's a sorry state of affairs when I am more than a week overdue in posting the monthly baby news. Fortunately for us, much has changed in so short a time. While it is true that when you are upset about something you still don't tell us quietly, you scream much less now. People say that time will pass and you'll forget about the times when it was hard, but as of right now I still remember and I'm thankful the time has passed. And yet, it's sad to think that your first month and a half or so was fraught with so much frustration, but there it is.

Your daddy and I have said that now that you're not yelling at us as often, we need to take every moment to just look at you and enjoy your cuteness. You love to smile and you can make the funniest little baby noises. Some days we just crack up at the strange sounds coming from the backseat.

The carseat is probably the bane of your existence, you just hate it so much. Sometimes I can get you to fall asleep during a drive but then I have to keep you moving after we stop or you will wake right up and are not happy to be alone in there. I wonder if maybe you just need physical contact all the time. Not that I mind. You're darn cute and super snuggly.

It's funny how the little things seem so amazing the first kid around and then when the second child does something you think, "Oh, finally you got around to doing something!" I guess we just don't have the time to stare at you quite as much or watch for the new things. Luckily, I didn't miss your first roll from back to belly. Way to go, kiddo! Frankly, you don't really spend much time on the floor to get a whole lot of exercise so it's amazing you've gotten that far.

This month you met a whole bunch of Daddy's family. They oohed and aahed over you and fussed over who would get to hold you. Most of the time you just yelled at whoever had you so that solved that.

You're taking a bottle better now and some nights still need a little snack in between regular feedings. I think you're going to be a chunky little boy!

The past few nights you've slept for about 6 1/2 hours straight. In your own big boy crib! You're finally getting good at going right back to sleep after eating and giving Mama a few more hours before you decide it's time to be up. Generally I try to thwart your efforts and bring you up to bed to snuggle for another hour or so. Mama needs her sleep, kiddo. I also need my baby snuggles, so what can I say?

One of the biggest changes this month was that you stopped pooping on a regular basis. Now, at first I thought this was strange, but upon consulting the internet, discovered that it is fairly common. Kid, you are saving Mama tons of laundry. Two poops a week? Perfect.

Your sister has discovered the fun of making you smile. She sneezes at you and not only do you smile, she cracks up into giggles. Hopefully, you two will get along well and be good friends. She loves to check up on you and always helps get things I need for you or to put your paci in. Though admittedly, she tends to cram the thing in your mouth, but we're working on the gentleness.

You are growing quickly, little man. Into bigger clothes and deeper into our hearts. Here's praying for another better month! Less screaming and more sleeping. Less paci-spitting and more smiles. Less grouching and more of my sweet happy boy. Of course, we only have three weeks left of this month, so we'll see how it goes!

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happy two month and 8 days! ;)