Monday, May 24, 2010

Help for Lazy Feeding

When it comes to feeding healthful food to my family, I try to do what is best for them as we all do. Hiding greens and flaxseed in smoothies, sweet potatoes in eggs or mac & cheese and fresh organic produce as often as possible.

Randall will eat anything dairy, oatmeal and as many bowls of cereal as we let her. She also likes almost any kind of fruit and gets plenty of apples, bananas, grapes and berries.

The problem is, it seems as though I have gotten lazy in what I give her. I want to get her to eat more veggies, but haven't found a good way to get her to try more than one little pea. There has to be plenty more things that she is willing to eat or that we could at least get her to try, but I feel like I have run out of ideas.

Here are the most common meals she eats:

Mac & cheese, (an obvious favorite!) oatmeal, cereal, eggs, grilled cheese & soup, bread/meat/cheese, (not in a sandwich, but separately) smoothies and lots of fruits.

Due to the logistics of life, we don't often eat dinner together as a family, but usually have breakfast and lunch together.

What do you feed your kids? Or, if your kids are older, what did you used to feed your toddlers? What tricks do you employ to get more veggies into your children?

As it is, I need to start making weekly dinner menus and I'd love to make similar menus for my kiddo.

Give me all your best advice!


Cindy said...

i'm fortunate that david LOVES all veggies. the kid eats anything. but wilson, while he is a good eater, takes some convincing.

i actually end up doing a lot of casserole type things because all of the good stuff is mixed in together. and believe it or not, mac and cheese with peas IN it is a great way to get kids to eat peas and it is really kinda yummy. :op and try serving it warm or cold. wilson is more fond of cold peas than warm.

Luanne said...

Try giving her a cup of frozen sweet peas. My kids thought they were the best and still eat them today. Also, try to give her some dip for her veggies... she will establish a taste for them while masking it a bit with the creamy ranch. I bet there is a recipe for homemade ranch dip. Try it with crisp green beans, cucumbers, green peppers, red peppers, broccoli, and carrots. You can also hide califlower in scrambled eggs, pumpkin in oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon, and beets in pancakes (pink pancakes!)...just some tricks we have done here :)

Jean said...

i've put cauliflower in potatoes and have made sweet potato fries as well. Hummus was and is a huge thing in our family too (I sneak it on sandwiches and they love dipping veggies in it).

Carlie said...

Hey Anne...I try to just present good options for food choices, not cater too much and not fuss overly if a kid doesn't want a particular food at a given meal but instead just offer it again the next time we have it. I find that this means they end up eating a broad range of foods although exactly what varies from time to time and kid to kid.

Also, I dunno if you'd find it helpful but here is a recent post I did about food and kids:

Cindy said...

jean is so right about the cauliflower. we do mashed potatoes that are really mashed cauliflower. the kids LOVE it.

Tricia said...

Mariah has always liked to eat veggies so it was not that hard for me...I do think that the best thing is to try...and not stress too much.