Sunday, May 02, 2010

Month One

Just like your sister before you, I can hardly believe a month has gone by already! It seems like it has been much longer and much shorter all at once. We knew our lives would change drastically and boy were we right! How does one get two children ready and out the door to arrive somewhere on time, or at least less than half an hour late? 

I'm so glad you brought the spring with you, my little man. This time around, your big sis would not allow us to stay indoors longer than five minutes and we have already gone for lots of walks. In the wrap or in the stroller, you have loved going outside almost everyday. Granted, you are asleep most of the time, but it has been great to get out often. This spring has been so beautiful and we are trying to enjoy every moment. I always get lots of funny looks from people when they see me wearing your wrap but when they notice a teeny baby inside, it always elicits an, "awww." You love to be all snug and close to mama and I love wearing you around.

So far you have proven to be as good of a sleeper as your sis. Most nights, while not actually going to bed until around midnight, you will sleep for a good five hours straight. My fingers are crossed that you will start upping that number soon. It's lovely to sleep right next to you and be able to get you up whenever you need it, but it would also be nice for you to be in your own little room and bed. After your nighttime feeding, you tend to sleep best if snuggled in by me. Daddy gets up with your sis and you and I get to sleep in until about 9. I look forward to sleeping through the night but will miss our cuddle time. You tend to sleep best when moving--the car, the swing, or being held and bounced. We rely on your "snooze button" bassinet vibrator to help you when we want to sleep just 15 minutes more. 

Your first couple of baths you loved, but the last one you screamed through. Have I mentioned that you are a screamer? Scream. Er. As in, bloody murder, ear piercing, glass breaking, make me want to tear my hair out, screamer. You like to be bounced or jiggled or rocked and the paci must be just right and you must have a full belly and a clean diaper or the screaming will commence. We're pretty sure once the colicky season is over you are going to prove to be the sweetest, happiest boy in the world, but in the meanwhile Mama needs to buy some earplugs! 

Golly, you're the cutest little man there ever was. Unfortunately for you, you just broke out with a lovely case of baby zits. But you make the greatest grouchy man faces and you can pucker those lips like nobody's business. The pouty face and quivery chin kill me every time and you are so handsome in your blue camo diapers!

You are a much better eater than your sister was. Most of the time, anyway. Some nights it seems as though you've forgotten how to get what you want but you do love to eat. Most nights, we need to give you a little extra bottle to hold you over. 

Little Em, I can't wait to see who you become. You are already getting so chunky and have been kissable from your very first moment. You sweetly grab onto fingers so tightly and when you are awake your big blue eyes take in everything around you. 

Here's to all the firsts ahead of us! With hopefully less screaming...


Jean said...

He's gotten so BIG!!!! That was one fast month! Happy 1 month birthday Emmett!!

Kris said...

are baby zits a boy thing? dont remember that with leah.
noah is a screamer at times too.
i love your comparison pics :) especially the first set!