Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Spurt

My little man has been going through some kind of crazy growth spurt. Not only is he waking up frequently again, but he seems to need to eat all evening long again. So, it seemed as though it were time to introduce the "solid" food. I cooked up some rice and pureed it with milk for him and he seemed to be a big fan. He's still learning the technique of swallowing, but has got the baby bird mouth trick down pat.  He's had his rice cereal as well as some oatmeal-fruit puree and last night even tried a bit of avocado. It took a bit more tongue work, but he gobbled a good bit up.

Now, let's just get him back to better sleeping again. Sheesh, Mama is tired. 


Jean said...

sweetness wrapped up in a little man! so glad he likes all his solids so far. :)

icedgurl said...

cute kid! a blessing from God. :]