Friday, February 04, 2011


Hey there, handsome! You are showing yourself to be a smart little cookie. While you are babbling endlessly and saying Dada to your favorite man, you also got the hang of signing very quickly. You can say, "all done," "more," "milk," and the ever classic baby, "bye-bye." It seems like you have grasped the communication concept much more quickly than your big sis did. We're also adding in, "kitty," and, "cup," each of which you have done at least once. Later we'll work on all the manner words like, "please," and "thank you," but right now it is so helpful to be able to know when you are finished or want more of something. You pick up the words so fast, it's fun to see you understand and respond. 

 Playing with some of the pretty, pretty hair bows. I'm sorry son, you just don't look like a girl at all, but I needed a baby model. You are such a little stud and happy as can be. Unless of course, you are hungry. You have been eating everything in sight and with nary a dislike. Drinking out of your cup of juice or water and cramming in fistfuls of cracker or bread or fruit, you sit in your chair cheerfully for every meal.  

We've decided you are going to be the science geek, because you are endlessly fascinated with how things work. You watch everyone intently and are curious about everything. It doesn't seem likely yet that you will be the athletic type though. For as capable as your legs are of jumping and pushing, you aren't going anywhere. Standing, flipping, rolling and scooting backwards are your modus operandi, but you don't get far. I keep trying to get you to be up on your knees or to take steps around the coffee table, but you are content to play right where you are. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. There's nothing more handy than being able to plunk a baby down in a pile of toys and know that he can't get to far away. The day is quickly approaching where your legs will get in on the action. 

 You love playing with paper, magazines and coupons especially. Most of the time, however, you just end up eating it all and I have to fish wads of paper out of your mouth. We generally can keep the tiny toys away from you and sister is pretty vigilant about her miniscule animals. You will play with any box or bowl of toys or kitchen implements. The less toy-like an item, the more likely it is that you will love it. 
And then there is Bear. You love Bear so much! Whenever we bring him out and show him to you, you just get the biggest grins and then grab him and shove him right into your mouth. I'm thinking we're going to have to find a second Bear if he is going to be your favorite. In general, you are just a snuggly little dude. You love all of your stuffed animals and will hold onto them so tightly when you go to bed for naps or bedtime. 

My favorite time of day is your bedtime bottle. You can totally hold your bottle and feed yourself now, but I really don't want to let you. You'll only be taking a bottle for a couple more months and I am not anxious to give up our snuggle time. I love those ten minutes or so where I can just bury my face into your head and kiss your little nose as much as I want. You are so soft and squishy and I know you will soon need to crawl away and explore away from Mama. But I will always be here ready for more snuggles and hugs. You are a darling little fella and I couldn't love you more.

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He IS darling!!!
Nice new look here, Anniebella...