Thursday, April 19, 2007

Painting: One Step at a Time

There is nothing more motivating than getting a project done quickly, seeing instant results, and loving a new look. My office/sewing room/spare bedroom is literally 10 degrees warmer with a fresh coat of paint.

We're always so careful to keep the cats out of whatever room is being painted. Though inevitably cat hair will get painted onto the wall at some point.

And maybe, just maybe if we're lucky enough, there will be little kitty prints. Just one, on the window sill. Just a couple smudges on the desk downstairs. Apparently she wants us to paint that room next.

1 comment:

Carbon said...

My parent's cat ended up rubbing herself up against many painted walls (my parents weren't paying attention to her until too late). That cat had that paint on her fur forever afterwords it seems.