Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pictures of Things

  • Those fabulous Red Shoes I got for my birthday from my hubby. I adore them. I will be wearing them with EVERYTHING this summer! Maybe even the bbq I'm going to this evening!?

  • The repainting of the spare room/sewing room/office. This is where I write my thoughts, sew new creations and mend old favorites, as well as where I take my naps. This room used to be plain old, boring white. It wasn't even a good white, either. I swear it's at least 10 degrees warmer in here now.


Hillary said...

Those shoes are sssssmokin'! I love them! And the room looks super cozy, too! Me likey!

Jean said...

VERY cute shoes! :) And the room looks amazing! like a totally different room. The colors accent the drapes!

Carbon said...

Ditto !