Monday, April 16, 2007

Older and Wiser

Thank you all so much for the Birthday Love you sent my way! I got piles of e-cards and regular cards from so many dear friends.

Gifts I received this year were meaningful and perfect.

  • $$ from Grandparents and parents--always very much appreciated!
  • Pink (yes Pink! even though the picture is green!) fish tank from brother bear--best present ever! I still have to pick out some fish for it. I'm thinking little yellows and oranges and an angel fish.

  • Recipe book from in-laws--the hubby needs to eat!

  • Book from Hillary!--completely unexpected and so sweet!! Thank you thank you!

  • Time with hubby (dinner AND lunch out!!) and being allowed to go shopping for the cutest shoes ever! Seriously. Cutest ever. I don't have a picture at the moment because they're a beautiful red and my nail polish just doesn't match. Apparently that means I need a new pedicure. Ahh, what we suffer for fashion.
Now that I am so wise, feel free to ask me anything you can think of. It's been quite a while since the Ask Anne Link has been used. I think it may be feeling neglected. Or I am. Not sure which.

Fun stuff coming up this week. I shall divulge more later as well as add another good book review or two to add to your growing piles.


Hillary said...

Yaaay! I'm glad it got there when they said it would! Woohoo! (I hope it's not one you already have... it was on your wish list, and I thought it was appropriate, seeing as 1) it's just a great great story, and 2) I thought of walking past that chocolate factory in Chicago when the AIR smelled like chocolate for multiple city blocks! Mmmmmm!)

Glad your birthday was great! :)

sarah cool said...


I like that fish tank! Is it wee little??

Anne said...

It's about 2 not too small but not too big either! Just right for a couple tiny fishies!

Hillary said...

That tank is really realyl cute. I've geen growing in jealousy over it. hehe. Perhaps I'll have to get me one!

Now just make sure your cats don't get at it! :S

Kat said...

I missed the other post - so happy, happy birthday!

Jean said...

VERY cute tank. Where are you going to put it?

Anne said...

I'm actually thinking of putting it on the dresser in my sewing's high enough, but the cats will still likely pop up there to should be pretty safe though as there is a lid!

Hillary said...

"geen?" "relaly?"

uh, wow. I even read my last comment over twice for typos. I bame the after effects of my crazy dreams these days.

*runs away in shame* ;)

Jean said...

that's a pretty good excuse Hills...those were some CRAZY dreams!!!

Anne said...

Of course, if you'll notice, she's "baming" it all on what can you do?