Friday, August 24, 2007

Baby Furniture!

We built our first piece of baby furniture last night!! Andy was pretty excited to have such a special place to clean all the poo...

I am exceedingly thankful that my dad has offered to buy all of our furniture. To be honest, I wasn't sure that he was actually going to follow through with it, but when we got back from our trip, there was the box on the front porch!!

We registered at Babies R Us last week and got everything picked out in two hours! It was pretty fun to go through all the cute, pink, soft little things and think about how we'll really be using that stuff soon. It's so crazy. I'm also trying to find the best website to order cloth diapers from. I want to be able to register for those as well. If we can get a few people here and there to buy one for us, we'll have plenty.

I'm finally feeling lots of kicks and punches now. She's not quite consistent enough for me to let Andy feel anything yet, but it's definitely very noticeable!! She didn't seem to like it when I was biking the other day....or maybe she did and was trying to help me pedal!!


danscott77 said...

isn't baby furniture great! so small and cute.

isn't it greater when you don't have to pay for it?!

you'll having the new stuff... it lasts for so long. we're glad we made the investment.

Jill said...


I have a lot of friends who use cloth so I will ask around. Also 7th generation makes a biodegradable diaper. I have heard great things about it.

We are more of the "fill up the landfills with our diapers" people around here. It is awful, I know, but I am too lazy to deal with cloth

anne said...

Dan the furniture is so cute!! And we found some great stuff that matches our regular furniture and house in general so that was our main thought. It really should last a long time. And huge bonus that we don't have to pay for it. I guess that will help make up for the doctor's bills, right? heh.

Jill, one of the girls I know who has inspired me to use cloth actually finds them just as easy as regulars. From what I've seen and found they can be exactly the same to put on! Even for nursery or babysitters! No more silly pinning and folding if you don't want to!

I am environment conscious, but one of my biggest concerns is honestly finances. If we only have to buy diapers ONE time, I will be ecstatic. Even if I have to replace one here and there, it's way better for! Plus, they usually last through a couple kids too!

Thanks for the link!! You are a great source for online deals!

Amy Swacina said...

Hey Anne! I'm excited to keep up with all that is going on in your life. I have some great friends here in Spain that use cloth diapers. You need to check out his blog: On the left side of his blog he has a couple of sites listed for cloth diapers. He even has a post about cloth diapers. You can even go to the bottom of his page and search diapers and all his posts on cloth diapers will come up. Have fun with all these new experiences!

Jean said...

Very cute! I do think the pink wall brings out it's richness. :)

Hillary said...

I was gonna say that the furniture matches your place wonderfully! How fun to begin setting it all up!!! :)

So fun that you're beginning to feel your little girl now!!!

(I checked really carefully this time for typos... heh! But the word verification scares me...)

cjoy said...

I love my cloth diapers. . .

I bought mine here:
(kind of 3 shops in one now)

and here:

and have heard good things about here:

also, a cloth diapering blog:
(this will have descriptions, explanations, stories and sometimes even diapers for sale as well as a listing of where they like to shop)

I could go on and on, but I'll stop here...did I mention I LOVE cloth diapers? :)

Kris said...

I actually have been doing quite a bit of research on this...
Two of the best sites I have found are:
This one has reviews of all the different brands and styles
This one actually has little videos that show how each style works.

The thing I think I have decided after a LOT of calculations and online browsing is that different diapers work better for each we are going to start out with an assortment (many come in sizes so you may have to buy a different size later anyway) then when we find the type that works best for us, invest in more of those.
Good luck!

Anne said...

Thanks Cjoy & Kris!! Those are all great sites...I bookmarked them all!

Kris, that's actually the exact same conclusion we have come to. Get a sampler and see which works the best. Plus, I did find a site that has patterns and fabric you can buy, so I can start making and customizing my own!

Qtpies7 said...

I can second the Cottonbabies site! I bought a ton of my BumGenius from them! Also, you can try a few barely used diapers from and see if you like them before paying full price.
I also recommend using and for the cutes dipes! She made me a special order Superman emblem embroidered on the bum!

I'm a cloth fanatic, too! It is not only just as easy and much better for your baby, it also wil bring out a mothering side of you that is just priceless. I have 7 kids, and I have done the old fashioned cloth, the disposables, and now the new fangled cloth,and I would never switch out of the new cloth!

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