Friday, August 24, 2007

Camping Oh-Seven

According to the pictures we took, I didn't go on this trip. I have one of Andy doing his hair, grilling, and reading a book. Where are all the cute pictures of me!? Well, apparently none were taken. Nuts.

It was the perfect little camping trip. We left for Cadillac late Sunday night after church and a fabulous dinner at a friend's. Well stocked with coffee and ready to drive. Granted, the drive was only an hour and a half, but we wanted to be prepared nonetheless.

The next morning after a good night's sleep at the ever-faithful and ever-cheap Econo Lodge, we climbed into our sweaters and jackets (mid-August, anyone?) and promptly threw all official camping plans out the window! Our day was to be spent hiking the sand dunes at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, but we knew that would not be any fun in the rain and wind.

Instead, Jason Bourne called out to us and we thoroughly enjoyed the third installment of the Bourne trilogy. I do love those movies!! Especially at matinée pricing.

After an afternoon wandering through antique stores and used book shops, we called the cabin we would be staying at Tuesday night and discovered that they indeed would have room for us that night as well. Hurrah! No need for "real" camping!

I've never been a big fan of the sleeping in tents situation. I love the outdoors--hiking, climbing, canoeing, etc--but I love a good soft bed as well. Especially since my sleeping positions are limited at the moment.

The cabin was the perfect little rest spot. Not glamorous or fancy, by any means, but relaxing, comfortable and with all the amenities we needed it to have. We grilled on the charcoal grill, boiled our corn and mashed potatoes on the hotplate (very! slowly) and played cards late into the night.

The next morning dawned rather gray, but warmer than the day before so we stuck with our plan of canoeing down the Big Manistee river. I regretted not having bought at least a cheap little disposable camera to try to take some river pictures, but alas, I had not thought so far ahead as that.

We saw lots of turtles on rocks, tons of yummy-looking fish (is it bad that I think they look so yummy!?) and heard plenty of other creatures cracking away in the woods. It was a perfect day to float and paddle down the river.

Book reading, cards, and endless games of Scrabble. The fun is in making up your own rules!! Music Scrabble, literature Scrabble, Hollywood Scrabble. Next time is Galactic Scrabble--we were tired of trying to find good uses for those Js, Xs & Qs!!

Wednesday we finally got around to packing up and driving off to Ludington. The trails we were planning to bike ride ended up being rather short...but we made the most of it and climbed the dunes and explored the lighthouse. Besides, my buns are still a bit sore from bike riding regardless of how short the trip was!

As ever, I only wish it could have been longer but I'll take whatever I can get!!

Oh!! And the cabin-camping-grounds cat? Looked like she belonged to Captain Jack Sparrow!! It's Johnny Depp's cat!!


sarah cool said...

IT IS JOHNNY DEPP'S CAT! I love the eye liner!!!

Oh, I loved the sleeping bear dunes. We went in early August last year, and it was sooooooooooooooo hot. It would have been cool to go on the long hike to the lake, but I think it would have killed me.

Jean said...

So glad that impromptu plan b worked out so well. :) And that you had a fantastic trip.

Hillary said...

Sounds fun!

Bummer for no pics of you! I think I annoyed peopple on the trip always asking them to toake pics of mr opn my Mexico trip. If I ddn't I'd have hardly any of me thogh!

I'm jealuos of your campoing! :)

Hillary said...

Oh dear heavens.

I JUST got home, and a friend of mine bought me two chardonnays on the plane. Apparently I'm not so good at typing after a long flight. And, er, more wine than I'm used to...


Anne said...

Wow, Hills. That really is probably your worst typo-ridden comment ever. But oh so entertaining for us! HA!!

Hillary said...

Um, yeah...

Jean said...

That was quite entertaining Hills! :)