Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Little Helper

At the advice of a friend, I signed up yesterday for The Grocery Game. The past few months I have been more diligent about clipping coupons and looking for deals as prices for everything has been rising.

With a free month to try it out, I'm loving this site after only one day. It matches up your local grocery store's sales with weekly coupons to find you the best deals. All from sitting on your couch with your feet up. The thing I love best is that it even tells you the percentage you are saving. So if three different brands of the same thing (usually toilet paper) are on sale, you can easily see which one is cheaper without pulling out your calculator.

Baby Girl has been helping me sort and clip coupons so I'm all ready to go shopping. Granted, her method of sorting involves a lot more crumpling and chewing on the coupons, but she's really trying to be helpful, I'm sure.


heather said...

Okay - Randi is just adorable!! She's totally into the coupons. :)

Jean said...

Sweetness. :)

Alison said...

I heard about the grocery game last summer but never joined. I'm interested to hear how it goes!