Friday, July 04, 2008

Pics from the 3rd / 4th

Fabulous traditional party across from the fireworks. Posing for a family picture.

Having fun during the parade this morning. Baby loves to fly up in the sky.

She has been sitting up for very long periods of time the past few days. Her favorite game is "take all toys out of the basket." It's pretty fun.

We had a fun photo shoot outside in the grass today. This kid is too darn cute.


Hillary said...

!!! Her expression in that third one is priceless! :)

Great pics! And you take AWESOME photos!

Jean said...

She is pretty darn cute...

Mariahs Mom said...

I must agree...very cute little girl!

Tricia :)

Jessica said...

It hasn't been that long since we've seen you guys...yet she looks so much older! Absolutely adorable pics!!