Monday, July 28, 2008

Worst Morning Ever (note: hint of sarcasm)

Mornings always make me especially lazy.

Especially lazy after a night spent trying to train Baby not to wake up for a 4 am feeding. She did pretty well for her first night at this. The crying is sadder just because of the fact that it's not loud and wailing. Just sad. And a little hungry. Hopefully, she'll get the idea soon enough.

Anyway, this morning we all had a hard time pulling ourselves out of bed. After Baby finally went down for her morning nap, we flopped onto the couch with our laptops (Dad has Mondays off--hooray!) and whined about how I had to plug in my computer and his was across the room and had to be fetched. What a pain...worst morning ever...until I knocked my entire cup of fresh yummy coffee off the table and onto the floor. Now it was official.

We console ourselves with this pile of cuteness. It will all be ok. Plus, my second cup of coffee is safely in a to-go mug.


Mariahs Mom said...

Don't you just love those mornings?!?! Daddy over here has Monday's off too...which is to great! I feel you pain with the just dumpy feeling day. Hope it looks better as the day goes on!

Tricia :)

Kris said...

We have backslid on the 4ish feeding...she was doing well, now she seems to have decided that is not only the time she wants to get up, but it is the time she wants to STAY up. that is just not going to work with me ;)

Jean said...

cute pic!! does the basket trick work? may have to try that tomorrow... :)

anne said...

She was pretty happy in the basket Jean...Throw in a couple toys and it was alll good...

That wouldn't work for me either, Kris! Nosirreee!

Hooray for Mondays! So far the day is getting better. Gotta shake the grumps.

sarah cool said...

soooooooooooo cute.