Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In Which We Are Cold, Sick and Stuck

Ok Michiganers (is that what we call ourselves? Michiganites? Michigites?) have we had enough snow yet? Because this is really getting out of control and someone should do something. I don't think I've seen this much snow in January or February, let alone December.

Frankly, I'm ok with it, but I don't have anywhere to go and can stay hunkered down in my jammies all day. I would seriously revolt if I had to leave the house. Those of you who work, maybe you could send in a memo? "End snow please. Thanks." Or something like that.

My kid is still super sick. Snotty all over the place, achy, wimpery, feverish and coughing. All she wants to do is snuggle and cry and while I love the snuggling part, I just feel so bad for the little rascal.

We're currently wrapping presents (baby is playing with ribbons and tape) and listening to Christmas music. Merry Mixmas, to be exact. Loving this album this year.

Our ornament winner is....

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-12-23 18:34:38 UTC

Dawn, you are the winner!! You'll definitely appreciate this ornament. It's not much, but it's a happy tree addition. I'll send it out for you first thing...Friday.

Happy Christmas, my bloggy friends!


Jean said...

happy present wrapping! Can't complain about all the snow you're getting, but I will say boo to the snow we have as they do not do a single thing about the 12 inches on the streets. but yes, you have it a ton worse than we do. and frankly, I don't miss that aspect! :)

Dawn said...

Are you serious????
How cool is that!!!
Thanks, Anniebella...

Jenn said...

Sorry to hear that Baby is sick! Merry Christmas Eve!

Anonymous said...

The snow ROCKS! Reminds me of my childhood. Living up north we always got dumped on in the winter. Dad took the snowmobile into work a time or two. I LOVE THAT!