Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Month Eleven

This month was a whole bunch of crazy.
We flew to Seattle for a fun week with our favorite new West Coast buds. Your first flight (without Daddy), first ferry ride and first Canada/America joint Thanksgiving!

You had plenty of airport adventures, but were quite the little trooper with all the time changes, schedule changes and complete change of scenery!

You find great joy in climbing up the stairs this month! We're slowly teaching you how to carefully slide back down so you don't crack your noggin on the hard wood floors at the bottom. Most of the time you are just trying to chase the cat who is forever running away from you. She doesn't seem to understand that you just want to play.

Wait. Baby's come from where?! Eew.

The huge open mouth smile has been new lately. Especially when I'm pushing you around the house on your little wagon. I'm pretty sure you're likely to catch a whole lot of flies.

Oh, that's so embarrassing. I hate it when I blink in pictures. You are so funny about your food lately. Some days you love chowing down on a rice cake and other days you won't have anything to do with it. I swear you change your food preferences every other meal. Don't tell, but I've been sneaking the veggies in with the bites of cottage cheese or yogurt. Those are your favorites no matter what.

"Ha ha! That's a funny joke, Daddy." Your Daddy can always make you giggle. He plays the best games of peek-a-boo ever!

You seem to be recognizing some things in books. At least the kitties. You turn the pages slowly and just stare intently at every page.

Yay! It's your favorite puppy! He barks at you and licks your face and you love to bark back at him and bury your little face in his fur. Poor guy gets so wet.

I'm afraid we're going to have fewer and fewer chances to take walks nowadays. It's so snowy out and super duper cold. Fortunately, you can be bundled up warm and cozy in your snow suit when the weather breaks enough for Mama to brave the wind and ice.

I seriously think you have started posing for pictures. You absolutely know that when we break out the camera it's time to ham it up and smile as big as you can.

Could you get any cuter?

Even though most people believe you are always perfectly happy and sweet you've definitely got your sad and cranky moments. Especially when you don't get a long enough nap. But no matter what, Mama can always make you happy if I give you a few more cuddles and kisses.

Or else bribe you with a snack. That always helps too.


Tricia said...

Again...she is adorable! Love her expressions!! Maybe some day I will get to meet her face to face. Hey, maybe the next time we are going to visit Mom and Dad I will let you know and we can meet up.

Tricia :)

PS- We just found out we are having number 2 at the end of the summer! So excited!!

Luanne said...

She has the funniest faces!! I love your funny! We need to go out again soon :)

Kristi said...

Love it! She is so sweet!

Jessica said...

I do miss the baby stage but isn't this stage so much fun!!!

Jean said...

i get cranky too when I don't have a long enough nap. :)

happy month 11 Cuteness!!