Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My posting has obviously been rather low lately. It's not going to get any better this week...

We had a guy we were getting our internet from in our neighborhood. He was only charging $10 a month which we thought was stellar. However, he now charges per PC and we have four in the house, so it's just as cost effective to go with ATT.

But it takes a while to get that set up.

Since it was on sale for Black Friday, we ordered the AirPort that we want so that we can not only have networked computers, but also be able to print from anywhere or play our itunes from our stereo speakers. Very handy, that AirPort. Except that it won't be here until next week. Sigh.

I guess I'll have to stop at a coffee shop or something. This would mean I'd actually get my housework done and be able to get a decent start on making all my Christmas gifts, except that there is a huge work event going on and I have not only a ton of work to do, but also a ton of running around.

PLUS, my regular babysitter's kid has a fever and some sort of infection so we'll likely be bringing the baby to work with us at least for tomorrow, maybe Wednesday too...Fantastic. Gotta love this time of year, eh?

I for one am heartily fighting off my cold. It keeps trying to attack and I keep battling back with the Zicam. Have you guys tried this stuff? Seriously, this is the most amazing cold fighter. As soon as you think you're getting sick get started on it and it will knock you right back to healthy in a day or two! It's on sale at Meijer right now. It's my favorite.

Aaanyway. Hope you all had fabulous Thanksgivings. Thank you so much for your encouragement with my grouchy post last week. I think once I got my grumpiness out of my head and out into the interweb I felt much better. It's still floating around a bit, but not nearly as bad.

It's also hard to be grumpy with Christmas tree lights lit and hot cocoa in your belly. Mmm.


Jean said...

sometimes it's a good thing to not have internet for a bit. :)

happy day enjoying hot cocoa and christmas lights. :)

beth said...

i'm sorry about your (un)friendly neighborhood internet. i hope that your AT&T installation/start up goes more smoothly than mine... they kept telling me my address didn't exist! :)

fight tough against your cold!

Stacey said...

I totally swear by Zicam. It's kept me well for three years now. (And of course I'll be sick tomorrow because I just mentioned that.) :-)

I hope things start to calm down a bit for you. Goodness knows a bit of a breather would be welcome!

Jenn said...

Has your AirPort arrived yet? We love ours. Yay Mac!

Luanne said...

I want an airport too! So lucky you are! Don't forget that when you are out of a sitter, I am usually available to help in a pinch! I would love to play with one of the CUTEST babies in the world anytime!!! Seriously! How can you get anything done at work with her there? It's not like she sleeps cutely in a car seat anymore, right?? I'm just sayin'!
Glad to hear you are less grumpy...I was grumpy yesterday...but better today :) Miss ya...we should get together again soon!

Happy internet!!