Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bad Mommy Award

Our house is highly child-proofed. There are very few things that my kiddo can get into that either a. she shouldn't or b. she would hurt herself on.

So today when she started crying all of a sudden I didn't know what she had done to herself at first. She was just sitting in the middle of the floor in her room with the "owie" cry going on. I quickly realized that she had stuck her hand directly on the humidifier that I thought was empty and therefore not running.

I scooted her off to the bathroom to run cold water on her little fingers. Checking the tiny digits over, I determined that she must not have done it directly or long enough and judging by her lack of tears, she must not have burned them.

An hour later, I noticed her fingers were actually quite red. A while after that, I saw that there were little blisters. Wahh!

Oh, the mommy guilt, it is pervasive.

Her baby hand has been bandaged and ointment applied. She keeps wanting to fiddle with the band-aids, but I keep distracting her so she doesn't pull them off. I figure they should at least last until bath time.

The only thing that makes me feel a smidgen better is the fact that she doesn't seem the slightest bothered by the burns or blisters. (Ahh! My baby is burned & blistered!) Even when I lightly touched them or she was eating crackers with them she didn't fuss a bit.

Either she has a high pain tolerance or she's amazingly forgetful. All I know is that I'm feeling all the pain for her.

Edited to add: she may or may not have eaten one of the aforementioned band-aids. For bedtime she was re-band-aid-ed and then wrapped loosely but not too loosely with an ace bandage. Here's hoping.


Luanne said...

He He...she ate it...poor baby. You are still a good mommy. We have ALL had accidents like that one and some worse (not that I would know...)

Kris said...

Poor Randi!
I gave myself a bad mommy award this week too-I blogged about Leah falling down some stairs :(
You are right, our pain is probably much worse than theirs.

Jean said...

Guess yesterday was "burn the fingers day". :) She's so sweet with her big bandage on! :) You are a good momma and I think the old adage is so true. "This hurts me more than you". We feel their pain so much more than they do. :)

Tricia said...

Don't stress too much. I know it is soooo scary when they do that stuff. But you are a super mommy and all kids will get into something. I remember one of the first times I had to spank Mariah (major torture for me). It of course left a little bit of a red mark and I thought I had just died when I saw it. I could I!!! Horrible Mommmy!! She was fine within seconds and it was red for about a minute. Keep going, she will be fine!!

Tricia :)

Kristi said...

We all feel your pain. It is so hard when that kind of stuff happens. You are a wonderful mommy and Randi is so lucky!

Scrapnqueen said...

The first time they get really really hurt is awful. One of my boys got his first blister by a split-second touch on a plate that had only recently come out of the dishwasher. You would have thought the world was ending!

Thank God that He made our immune systems with the amazing ability to heal ourselves.