Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Than Just Soap

I've always been highly impressed with Dove's campaigns for real beauty. The first video I saw was evocative and very compelling.

It's so true, isn't it? Whether we are 10, 16, or 36, we are pretty sure that we aren't what we should be. That even though we know God created us exactly as He wanted us, surely He didn't want us to carry around that extra 5 or 50 pounds. Since we aren't His perfect image anymore, we aren't as valuable.

I'll admit that I would prefer to lose five more pounds. But you know what? If I did, I would want to lose five more. Or I would wish I didn't have that extra belly skin. Or I would want to be taller. Or, or, or.

Now that I have a baby girl, it hits even closer to home. She is the most beautiful little girl in the world and it kills me to think that she would ever feel otherwise.

I know a lot of you have girls. Sweet, beautiful girls. Girls who either will or already do feel the pressure to fit in physically and look like the media tells them that they should.

Dove has made a bunch of fantastic resources for us.
Workshops, books, videos and all kinds of tools for mentors, girls, moms of girls, or for women in general. Don't we all need it? A reminder that we ARE beautiful? We need to help the next generation grow up knowing the truth and not be blinded by the images of the media.

You are. I tell you today that no matter what you are wearing, whether you have showered today or not (it's ok to admit it, I will!) or what your shape is, you are freaking gorgeous. You are a woman made by a God who loves you and you are amazing!

PLUS! Now, you can win something. For the next couple weeks I will be having giveaways, and we all love free stuff.

First, I have this fabulous t-shirt to give away to one lucky winner. It's a great chance for all of you to de-lurk. I know you're out there...

To enter, leave a comment listing your favorite physical trait about yourself. Tell me why you love that part of yourself.

I want you to walk around today and remind yourself every time you look in the mirror that you are beautiful. Then when you see a friend, remind her too.


Sally said...

I love your post. how about if i tell you what I think is beautiful about you?? I love your eyes, very pretty. And you've got a great smile.

anne said...

Thank you! You are so super sweet. But no. Doesn't count as an entry if it's not about you. :)

Jenn said...

Anne, I don't know you in person so it would be hard to add to Sally's bit. But I will do my own.

My favorite attributes about physical body are my eyes and my hair. Also, I was blown away by how amazing my body was while I was pregnant. My body actually MANUFACTURED another human. I still can't get over how cool that is.

And my favorite inner beauty thing about myself is that I love to think.

sarah cool said...


1) this was a fantastic post. so well written and i really needed to hear this. thanks, anne.

2) my eyes and hair! plus i like being shaped like a girl. :)

love ya -

Anonymous said...

great post and a great reminder.
The thing I love about myself is my smile and my eyes. A smile can tell that someone is happy and the eyes are the windows to someone's soul. the smile has to meet the eyes to be genuine.
I love that God gave me freckles in my eyes too!

Jean said...

It's amazing how hard it is to tell ourselves that we are beautiful. I know I struggle with it every single day. In "Calm My Anxious Heart", the author asked if we have thanked God for how he made us. If you really get down to it and really thing about it, it's pretty hard b/c we're our worst critic. This is why I was so riled about the "what would you change if you could" sermon I was telling you about. yeah. what is one thing I like about myself. I would say my wrinkles. Sounds weird, but I'm thankful for the wrinkles around my eyes as it is evidence to me how much I have smiled and laughed in my life. That I have had lots of great things to smile and laugh about. I don't want to make them disappear. I like them. :)

Tricia said...

Thanks for this. I agree 100%. My favorite feature/part about my body is my eyes. I couldn't really say that until this last year when I got a new understanding of how it is to get on with eyes that aren't "perfect" I really truly love how they are and am so thankful to God to have the use of them!

Tricia :)

Kristi said...

Wow...I am so moved by this post. I am crying at the computer. Thank you for giving us this reminder. I see myself daily and think the "If only I could loose weight, have better skin, etc..." You made me feel beautiful.

I really do like my eyes. They are green and my kids and Jesse all have blue. Also, I like that I am emotional...sappy. I cry at blog posts, commercials, stories.etc...I'm not afraid to hide those emotions.

Love to you, my beautiful friend!

Luanne said...

I love my hair. I love that it has so many shades of blonde and brown in it and it has a wave now since I have had kids and in the summer I get super blonde streaks on the side from the sun, I never have to color it because it is always changing :)

I totally think Jean should win...she loves her wrinkles!!

This was an awesome post!!

Joy said...

this probably sounds funny, but I like my wrists. I have a small/medium frame and my wrist is one part that looks elegant, adorned or not. they look well proportioned, freckled and have that little bone that sticks out. My wrist tells me when I am retaining water (watch sticks) or when I am down a pound (watch slides too much). It connects my arm to my hands which are used for holding husband & babies, playing piano, typing, clapping and signing, among other things. I just like my wrists.

anne said...

I love my whole body now that I've given birth. I was absolutely in love with my big round pregnant belly when I was pregnant with Aidan. I'm with Jenn on this: seeing my body grow another little human - especially one so adorable - made me love my body when I previously reviled it.

If I have to pick one part, though, I still think I'd choose my hair. It curls well, it stays straight when I want it to, and I always get compliments on it (well, when I bother to do something with it other than a ponytail, anyway!).

Kassi said...

Hi Jean, thank you for posting this...i think that we all need this reminder from time to time...

my favorite feature about myself? Well, it is strange, but I have always liked my feet. They aren't misshapen, or too big or too small. I have nice arches. My husband says I have dancers feet...I often wonder "what if", had I made other choices in my life as to what I wanted to do. yeah, my feet. They're cute.

Cindy said...

I like that i'm tall. i have always been self conscious about it because it always meant standing in the back, boys were always shorter, i was teased... a lot. but the older i get, the more i appreciate my unique perspective on the world.

Nicole said...

I have to admit that this was thanks for making me really think about it! I would have to say my feet, especially after a pedicure!