Sunday, January 11, 2009

Has it Been So Long?

Since it's fun for me to look at the comparison shots here is my little babes year's worth of monthly pictures.

Just a few hours old and still so teeny tiny.

Her little bitty jeans hitched up to her armpits all Urkel-like.

We prop her up and quickly take the shot before she plops over on her face.

So proud of herself in her little swimmy suit just in from the kiddie pool.

She still loves her Raggedy dolly. Or any dolly with yarn hair. She adores her new baby doll. Maybe because she can relate to how the doll has no hair.

Oh, the cute baby meltdowns. Nowadays, if we say, "No!" or in some cases, even suggest a disapproving stare, she will burst into huge crocodile tears. If she would just stop throwing her food on the floor we wouldn't have this problem.

And here it is. The 12 month picture. I'm lucky that this picture turned out. Some days baby girl is a squiggly little monkey who won't sit still long enough for a couch photo shoot.

Here's to another fabulous year my sweet punkin!


Luanne said...

I have been waiting for this post!! My favs are the bathing suit one and the last one with the gold shoes with her back turned to you..."This couch pic is SO year one mom..."


Jenn said...

Happy birthday Baby! I can't believe how quickly this year has passed. We're at eleven months and counting (my baby is a month and a day younger than yours). How has this happened? Next thing I know, he'll be leaving for college.

Anonymous said...

She's charming, Anne. Simply lovely.

Jean said...

Blink. And she's one. Crazy how this past year has flown.

Carbon said...

You know... you'll never be able to give up that couch now :)