Monday, January 12, 2009

Pink Party

Here I am at my first birthday party! I got all dressed up in my party dress and party pants. Do you see them? They have presents on them, so that's why they're party pants. Plus, they're pink and match my party. It was pink too. Balloons and streamers and plates--all pink. I am a girl, after all.

They made me wear this silly pointy hat, which I found to be ridiculous, but I put up with it to make everyone else happy, cuz I'm a nice baby like that.

Mama thought she would be silly and wear one too. Who even came up with this pointy hat idea?

I may have gotten a little overwhelmed by all the people. It was kind of crazy at my house, I'll tell ya. But I totally handled it like a trooper, sharing all my toys and everything.

Here you can see me and 7 of my little friends. There were 5 more running around somewhere. Like I said, it was a little bit crazy some of the time, but tons of fun.

Mama made piles of cupcakes along with a huge pan of mac & cheese and several yummy meatloaves for everyone. All my favorites.

Not to mention the snacks and fruits and punch. I could probably eat grapes all day long.

Then! They let ME have a cupcake. Though I thought I had been told not to play with fire, here they are coming at me with a lit candle. Myself not knowing how to blow it out, they did it for me. I'm hoping to learn that skill for next year.

I wasn't quite sure what the big deal was all about so I figured it would be safest to poke delicately.

Mmm...I sure to like sprinkles.

Look! I'm Sprinkle-Face!

Ok, fine, you want me to shove it in my mouth, I will. All this fuss about me making a mess.

What's next? Presents? I like presents.

Well, folks, that's it for another year. Of course, I still have a party with my Grandparents this weekend. I'll be ready with my silly hat on again.

Oh, and Mama says it's a 'delurking' day and that you all have to leave a comment.


Jean said...

You need to talk to your mama about the pointy hat idea...she makes all her friends wear it on their birthdays too! :) So glad you had a good birthday little princess! We miss you so much! Lots of hugs and mushy kisses to you!

Jen said...

Too cute! Happy Birthday! I can't believe she is one already! Pretty in Pink I'd say!

Jenn said...

How fun! We're doing a group party next month for about 6 babies all born in either Jan or Feb. It's going to be both pink and blue. Fun, fun!

Luanne said...

Man! Now I am really mad that I missed the NYE make some killer food!! I love your picture story...absolutely adarable!!! Happy Birthday!!

Kristina said...

Happy birthday to your little cutie pie! Looks like it was lots of fun :)

Tricia said...

So cute. I can't believe you are 1 already! Happy Birthday...tell Mommy I said hello

Tricia :)

Dawn said...

Come on girl....pointy hats are a MUST! So says my little Eliora. We ALL have to wear them for her b-days.
We feel ridiculous, but hey! She loves it and we love her.

Kris said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had fun party :)

Jessica said...

It was a great night. Olivia is enjoying "Randi's Picks". And did I overhear that there was squash in the mac n cheese?

Kristi said...

We were so sad we had to miss the fun. :( Ms. Randi, you are to sweet for words! Oh, your mom is pretty amazing, too! :)

Carbon said...

Happy birthday to the pink princess! I love having birthday parties for my kids. They are a lot of work but what beautiful memories! Seeing her eat the cupcake reminded me of my boys' first birthday party when we let him eat some cake and icing too. Thanks for bringing up those sweet memories for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my little pink pampered friend, you are the present. Watching you grow has been wonderful. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for the selfish reasons. I'd love to pepper those rosy cheeks with my kisses!

Scrapnqueen said...

Wow, I can't believe she is one already. So pretty! Just like her mom!

Happy birthday, little girl!

thediaperdiaries said...

Way too freakin' cute!!!

Buffy said...

It seems like just just yesterday that you were blogging about your pregnancy. Can it really have been a year+??

She's absolutely adorable.