Sunday, April 12, 2009

At Least It's Been Less than A Month

I keep having tons of things to write about, but once blogging gets puts off the first time, it gets easier and easier to put it off again. 

All that means is that it's time to write a catch-up post...

Baby girl has been a sweet little peach lately. She definitely has her grouchy times (and is currently trying to switch to only one nap which can be interesting to say the least) but she is generally a very happy, joyful child. She loves to hug and snuggle and give little bitty puckered kisses. 

While watching her the other night at one of the mall play-places, we realized she is very independent and brave. Not the least afraid to try any of the climbing toys or scared of the bigger kids, she played for almost an hour exploring everything. I honestly got teared up watching her and how gorgeous she is and how much I love her. My heart was mush. Mush, I tell you. 

She loves her stuffed friends. Every day when she gets up in the morning or from a nap she will choose two furry friends from her stash in the crib. Most of the time it will be two different guys every sleep. Cracks me up. She loves to hug them and rock them and carry them around. So far, however, it has been nice not to have her addicted to one. I can give her anyone to cuddle and
 she'll be happy. We'll see if that sticks or not. 

Shoes are a current obsession. In the tub, she'll put little cups on her feet and when she finds a shoe around the house, she'll try her best to put it on. She hasn't quite figured it out though. Quite frequently, she will put my shoes on my feet. That one can actually do pretty well. Sometimes she even gets the right foot!

My current favorite cute thing that she does is, "I don't know." We'll ask her where someone or something is and she puts her little hands up in confusion. It cracks me right up and we do it over and over just to watch the cuteness. 

Once in a while, we give her free reign and let her run nekkid around the house. The hooded towel is here just for ghostly humor and modesty. But seriously, people, is there anything funnier than a nekkid baby running around the house? I submit that there is not. 

And finally, amazingly she has had two Easters. It doesn't seem that it could be possible, but at the same time, it feels like she's been with us forever. She has loved playing with the plastic eggs all week. Taking
 them out of the little bunny basket, pulling them apart, throwing them across the room. This girl has quite an arm. I think maybe she'll play softball. At the very least, she'll raise chickens. 



Luanne said...

Happy Easter :) And yes! nekkid babies running through the house are hilarious! I miss those days.

Jean said...

she's her mamma through and through....especially with the shoe fettish.. :)

Happy 2nd Easter Randi! :)

me said...

That pic of her with the pink stuffed tiger is the cutest thing EVER.

Kris said...

:) It all sounds so strangely familiar....
Leah saw one of the pictures of herself running around nekkid and she said 'COLD!' she didn't seem cold at the time though ;)

Hillary said...

Ann, this is really sweet! And also? I love the Brian Regan reference. You have one cutie patootie little girl! (And wowzers, she's getting SO BIG!)

tony said...

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