Monday, April 13, 2009

I Almost Made It

It seemed as though this was a meaningful piece of my life. Have you ever played "Two Truths and a Lie?" 

I used to use, "I've never broken a bone in my body," as one of my truths. Unfortunately, this  now has to count as a lie. 

Exactly one month ago, I broke my ring toe. (On my hand, that's my ring finger. Seemed to make sense as a ring toe too.) I'm not exactly positive how I broke it. As I was coming downstairs that morning, the baby gate was up at the bottom of the steps. Hubby and baby girl had been up for a little bit having breakfast and reading books. I think I was trying to step over the gate, but what really happened was I kicked the post at the end of the banister and then fell over onto the baby gate. It was splendid. And a little bit bloody. 

The photo actually portrays my bruised-ness over a day later and the purple hue had already begun to fade quite a bit. The original shade of violet was almost immediate and darker than any bruise I had ever seen on my body. (And believe me, I am very GOOD at getting bruised.) 

I was fairly certain that due to the bruising and hurty nature of my toe, that it was broken. But when, only a few days later the purple had faded almost completely, I wasn't quite sure any more. When I bruise, it usually lasts for quite a while So long, that not only can I not remember how I got it, but I forgot that the bruise was even there until my child pointed it out to me. (She likes to point things out that perhaps I had previously missed.) 

It's been a month now, and the little bitty toe is still sore. It bends, sure, but it doesn't feel quite up to 100% just yet. I can still do plenty of jumping around on it, as my job requires, but it is still healing. 

Tomorrow, I am 30. And I have broken a bone. I sure feel old.


beth said...

hey now, none of that 'old' talk... :)

Dawn said...

Awwwww....say it ain't so, Anniebella....30???
It was ONLY yesterday that your mama was planning a party with t-shirts and puffy paint, yes?
Hrumph! 30.
Yup! I'm REALLY old!
Enjoy your day! Eat an extra slab of cake for me, K?

Dawn said...

I broke my toe when I was your age...on the stairway...running after the littles.
Came to an ABRUPT stop!
I feel the pain.
Takes awhile to heal.

Jean said...

OUCH!!! You have a long ways to go before your old. :)
Happy birthday! :)

Luanne said...

Happy Birthday and welcome to the very cool "30's" club :)