Thursday, December 10, 2009

Feeling Crafty. Part 1.

I don't know if it's the fact that we've been happily cooped up for several days of serious snow weather lately or what, but I have been getting my craft on. 

Last week I sewed up a whole pile of new costumes for church. While we didn't end up using all of them for the children's event, we definitely needed new ones and it was fun playing with the different 
fabrics and textures and getting a little creative. 

I'd show a picture of us in some of the costumes, but apparently we were overcome with the holy spirit at the time...or else it was just a weird trick of the lighting because all that could be seen in the photo was a huge beam of light where we were standing. Hmm. 

This weekend I worked on a little snowflake project. You need a box of Borax, some heavy thread or yarn, a good-sized pitcher and some pipe cleaner. 

The measurements were 3 tablespoons of Borax to one cup of boiling water, but you could probably get away with a little less. I ended up making one large flake and one little one. 

After twisting the pipe cleaners into your desired flaky shape and tying on the string, hang it from a pencil or stick of some sort into the water. Be careful not to let it touch any of the sides or it will get stuck! This is an overnight project, so just pop it in the liquid and leave it for a while. 

The next morning (or evening, whenever you remember to pull it out...) you will have frosty snowflakes! The still seem to be a bit flexible but very icy. I just need to pick up some suction cups so I can hang it from my kitchen window.
This is an easy and fun project for the kids as well. Little to no mess and quick for short attention spans!


Jean said...

totally doing this! Can you use any color pipe cleaner or do they need to be white?

anne said...

The color will likely show through the crystals, so it is just up to you. I also read places where people would put blue food coloring in the water to tint it a bit as well.

Jean said...

sweet! Thanks :)

kinder/caring said...

This is a favourite activity of my kindergarten class!