Friday, December 11, 2009

Feeling Crafty. Part 2.

At the moment I am working on completing my boy diaper stock. (In case I didn't mention it, I seem to be having a boy!) I finished the first of the "monkey buns" fabric and have another in that material to do today as well as a cool black & gray stripe. 
They are so soft and fabulous, I can't wait to use them! I want to be sure I have at least 12 various dipes to start with as those silly newborns go through diapers fast.

 It's hard to say if they will be small enough for my itty bitty dude or not, but they will work for some stage at least and then I plan to make bigger ones later. I also have no problem putting my child in pink diapers if need be. Little guy will be likely to play kitchen and dolls with his big sis anyway. 

The best part is that Andy has PJ pants in this fabric. 

Last night I whipped up some quick curtains for the play room. They aren't finished, but I have had the fabric for several months now so I wanted to get them at least started. The next step is purchasing some simple white felt for a thick, protective layer on the back. Especially in the winter, anything to keep out the cold is helpful. Our windows are newer but I can still feel the cold on
 them. After the felt, I'm going to add some dark blue ribbon ties to snug them up in the middle so I can still look out when I want to. 

And yes, that is indeed Dick & Jane fabric. I'm kind of in love with it. It perfectly complements the light yellow walls (that my favorite craigslist friend helped me paint!)  as well as the dark blue carpet and green & white box storage. Plus, it's darn cute. 

With all of this I'm trying to clear my list of projects after several new items as well as many fix-its and repairs and etc. Darning socks and sweaters, tightening buttonholes and replacing buttons, replacing broken zippers and repairing towel bibs.

I do so love my towel bibs. Over the past few months I have made several bibs of old towels trimmed with bias tape or ribbon and they are the best if I may say so myself. They always seem to work better at both preventing and cleaning up meal messes than any of our store-bought bibs. 

The very last thing on my current list is another work project. I need to build and cover a little bench seat for our preschool wing at church. Sadly, this has been on my list for many, many months. Yeesh. This is partly because I need my handy man to cut the wood for me before I shape the foam and staple on the fabric. Come ON, handy man, get to it! It's not like you have a huge list of things to do anywhere else in the house or anything. 


Kris said...

You have been busy! What pattern are you using for your diapers? Do you still use a cover with them?

anne said...

I can email you the pdf for the pattern if you would like. :) And I'm using the PUL fabric so I don't need a cover.

Tonight I am going to try to finally finish the two I have left on my docket...

Jean said...

i will admit "outloud" that i am jealous of your sewing skilz.

sonika said...

quite artistic

Jessica said...

I want to know how you make your towel bibs. I am so over those stupid store bought ones! Please rescue me and teach me how to make them ;)

anne said...

Jess, they are SO easy!

I traced the shape/size I wanted (from a bib I already had) onto an old towel. Then sew on some thick (2 inch wide is easiest) ribbon or wide double fold bias tape. Hammer a snap onto the ends and you're done! I also like the snap better than velcro because little hands can't get them undone!

Jean, I will happily admit out loud that I am jealous of your cooking skilz. :) You've got the gift.

Luanne said...

I am jealous of your sewing skills too :) And you darn socks?? You are BETTER than Martha Stewart, my frind :)