Friday, December 04, 2009

First Snow

Today was the first big snowfall (heck, first snowfall at all!) of the year. We figured the kiddo probably doesn't remember snow from last year and her grandparents had just bought her new snow pants and boots. Therefore, out she went with her new warm gear and her daddy in his flannel jeans. 

Every time he would shovel some of the sidewalk she would scoot her little feet behind on the cleared area. She was enthralled with the cold, white flakes on her mittens and tried valiantly to make snowballs but mostly ended up with white pancakes. 

The best part of the morning was the little snow person they made. She loved this little guy and even tried to kiss it (from a good foot away). She poked each of his eyes, patted his hair and helped stick in his little carrot nose. 

I have a feeling she could have stayed out much longer, but she started refusing to wear her mittens and her little fingers were getting mighty cold. 

Luckily for her, her mama made some cocoa and gave her a cookie to warm back up. Mmm. Remember how great it used to be to play in the snow and then come in to cocoa and cookies? Maybe that's one of the best parts of kids. We get to relive our favorite things from childhood with them!

Now we just need to get a sled so we can pull her around the neighborhood and over to the park. 


Jean said...

Very fun!!! Love her coat. :)

Luanne said...

So cute!! We bought sleds for the kids last week when it snowed! We have a nice little hill here at the new house and they LOVED it! We realized it was Sarah's first time sledding...and maybe even Lewie's...and they are 6 & 7 yrs old!

Hope to see you soon!