Thursday, November 19, 2009

Make or Buy

What is your plan this year? Do you already have your Christmas list filled, wrapped and tucked away or are you still planning on picking up a bunch of gifts next Friday? 

Generally I am a big fan of the black Friday sales and love the lure and thrill of the hunt. Not to mention, good sales help the economy, right? 

This year, due to the new roof and new attic, we won't be buying each other or anyone else anything. That doesn't mean I won't be giving presents!! No indeed. I'm looking forward to Make Something Day. Though it might take more like a month and not just a day.

Both plans are equally good and fun! What's yours this year? 


Jean said...

i just need to find the time to make things. And buy things. So if all's I receive is the gift of time, I will be pretty thankful (and would more likely make than buy). :)

Jenn said...

In my family we do a regifting (where you find something you already own that someone else will like more and give it away). My husband and I exchange gifts, though not crazy-big ones and we're getting a few small things for our son. I'm not at all crafty so I don't make, but I do try to conserve money and cultivate thankfulness. Plus, the money the family saves in regifting we donate to a different charity every year. This year we're sponsoring a Ugandan girl as she goes to school!

Kris said...

Last year I made all my gifts, and it was possibly the best I have ever felt about gifts I was giving.
But it was very hard to pick something to make for everyone that I thougth they would use, and I started way in advance. This year I have been struggling to get any sewing done at all.
But I don't really like gift shopping either.
I don't know what we are going to do!

AJP said...


I love the tradition of gift giving. Our family quit gift buying. For a few years we bought for charities, then used our time together to wrap then bring the gifts to various shelters/organizations. Now we are lucky if we see one another.

With friends, there's no history of gift giving. Maybe a bottle of wine, or tea. Typically our 'gift' is Time; celebrating the holiday with an evening together.

I enjoy giving baked goods to the unmentionables that brighten my day without knowing: post man, gym attendants, bus drivers.

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Luanne said...

Due to the new house...we are making too. Very little buying going on over here :)

Happy Thanksgiving and Make Something Day!