Thursday, November 05, 2009

I Love My Hair

In general, I have pretty thin hair. My fabulous stylist says I have plenty of hair but that the strands are thin. I guess that makes me feel a little better. Most of the time I have to wash my hair every day if I want to look presentable. 

Most of the time I don't really mind too much how presentable I am. Frankly, if I'm staying home with the kiddo all day I am perfectly ok with the Mommytail. 

However. Right now I have pregnant hair. It took a couple months to kick in, but once it did, it became glorious. Maybe not to you, maybe not for anyone else to notice, but to me--glorious. I don't have to wash it for at least three days and it can still look fresh and silky yet grease-free. 
Some days I go curly and use my diffuser, other days I take a little more time and flat iron it. The times I straighten it I know will last the longest. Somehow, I don't even get bedhead! 

In my google reader, I subscribe to several Freebies blogs. Last week I got a free sample in the mail for Pureology's Super Smooth Smoothing Elixir. I have always loved this brand for shampoos & conditioners, but haven't had a chance to try any other products before. 

Am. In. Love. First of all, i didn't just get a little bitty one-time-use packet, I got a full-sized bottle! Secondly, while I only used a little bit, this stuff seriously made my hair much smoother. I used no other products after showering and I could tell a big difference when flat ironing. Frankly, it took less time to straighten than usual as well. Big win there!

I know my hair is only going to be this great for the next six months or so, but I'm loving every last moment that I have until I start balding again. At least I'll still probably have some elixir left to at least help with the styling process. 


MommyAmy said...

So cool! I have very thin hair too, lots of it, but thin strands. And it looks like one of my daughters has exactly my hair, poor girl! How awesome to find a product that works well for "our type"!

thediaperdiaries said...

I have the same hair. Boo to thin hair!!

Jean said...

i had thin it's thinnier hair as it's coming out. may need to try this magic stuff.

Tori said...

Man, this just goes to show how little I know about what happens to your body when you are pregnant. =)

I'm glad your enjoying this time--I love having good hair days!

t0n3 said...

Wow, amazing I hadn't even seen this when I commented last week. Guess the hair speaks for itself!