Monday, November 09, 2009

Kitty Kats

I don't like the scary goulish part of halloween. It always creeps me out to walk into the hastily set-up, dirty with last year's costumes, filled with hooker outfits, noisy as I go past the mummies with blinking red eyes temporary Halloween stores. Yet, every year I find myself there in the store looking for, what? Inspiration?

Regardless, I love having halloween parties. They are my favorite parties to throw. I love hanging silly things from the ceilings, cooking "scary" foods ("hand" meatloaf, radioactive hummus, brussels sprouts, etc), dressing up and eating candy with friends. Especially friends who go all out with their costumes. Even better than that, now that I have a kiddo, I get to dress HER up. And darn it, kids are so cute in their little costumes!

The week before Halloween it was cold and rainy and yet we still trudged across the park to hit "The Zoo Goes Boo." Luckily, there was one candy spot where they were handing out full sized candy bars and the Hershey bar mysteriously went right into Mama's pocket.  Here you see my little white kitten with her kitty basket trying to decide how much she really wanted to be out treating. 

The day of Halloween, I didn't have to work, so as it was cold and rainy yet
 again, we decided to brave the mall and do our treating inside. Later I found out that one of our local colleges do great dorm treating so we will have to be sure to go there next year. 

Yes, I realize that this is two weeks past due, but darn it, interweb, didn't you want to see this cute little pink & white kitten? 

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Jean said...

somehow i missed this one...didn't show up on google reader. Great outfits!! :)