Saturday, November 14, 2009

Get Them Before They're Gone!

I have been keeping my eyes out for the semi-annual sale of cloth diapers. Twice a year or so, I get an email saying that they are having a big close out at one of my favorite sites for dipes. Every order has been fabulous with them and I have been very happy with the quality of everything I have purchased there.

Click for the list of what is still available in the outlet store. Everything is half off and the discounted price will show up in your cart before you check out.  I stocked up on smalls so come March/April my new baby's buns will be well covered! Though, often newborns can be smaller than the smalls so it might be more like May before the buns are covered with cloth. 

If you currently use cloth, you already know what a great deal this is and will hurry over. If you haven't tried cloth, this is a great time to give them a chance. Your baby's bootie will thank you! (as will your budget-most people say they save over a thousand bucks)

 Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about cloth diapering as I've been at it for (gasp) almost two years now and I also have lots of resources to share to any future converts!


Jean said...

i'd totally convert. And now when babies show up in the nursery with cloth diapers, i totally know how to change them. :)

Nicole said...

I just ordered two wraps...I wasn't sure I wanted to for baby #4, but for the other 3 I've been using pins and gerber plastic covers (which are getting harder and harder to find). I think it will be worth the investment, but I was nervous to change what I've been doing! Thanks for the tip, though, it's a good deal for something I've been thinking about doing for awhile!

anne said...

The wraps are so super cute too, Nicole! Glad you were able to snag some.

Sonny said...

You should check these out! A friend of mine recommended them, and they're great!