Sunday, November 15, 2009

20 Weeks

Um, apparently this means I'm half-way there? That seems like a rather frightful thought. Not only is there currently nowhere for this child to sleep, but the to-do list to prepare for it is horribly long. 

We'd ideally like to have the insulation and drywall hung in the attic before the first snowfall. Then it will be a matter of finances in getting it mudded and then the room carpeted before said child makes their appearance.

Unfortunately, I can't begin to prepare a nursery until the attic is finished as everything that is generally stored in the attic is currently stored in the to-be-nursery room. There would probably be enough room to stow a bassinet, but not to walk around it or actually get to it and therefore not very useful. 

Anxiously I await the ultrasound to find out if there will be a need to buy blue and green clothing or start sorting out the tubs of pinks. Only a week and a half before we hopefully get an answer. Though I am not too worried if my child is shy. I have easily met my deductible for the year so if more ultrasounds are needed, I can get them scheduled! It's more just the wondering to know. 

As any expectant parent will say, I'll be happy with whatever gender pops out, but my symptoms have been almost entirely identical to my first pregnancy. Thus leading me to believe that there is a girl type baby swimming around in my belly. As active as the first too. I guess we'll just wait and see. 

These pics were both taken last night. I have been horribly remiss in getting good belly shots done this time around, so we're are attempting to remedy that. Am feeling rather huge lately, but the scale says I've only gained 6 pounds so far so I guess it's not too bad. Hating the reflux, and eating lots of Tums. Lovely. 


Jenn said...

Hah! Our new nursery room is the catch-all room of the house. My sister is living in our basement and won't be moving out until mid-June (D Day mid-March) and that's where all of our junk is going to go. So the baby is just going to have to stay in our room for a few months.

Also, my symptoms this time around were very similar just stronger, which I attributed to not getting the same rest as last time, what with chasing a toddler. And it turns out we're having a girl this time! So don't let the symptoms be your only guide! And good luck! I can't wait to find out what you are having!!

sarah cool said...

you are beautiful, anne! so cute!

Kris said...

wow! only 6 lbs! That's impressive.
Time does seem to be going fast, Our new one will be sharing a room with Leah...that is making me more than a little nervous...but it will work out somehow. I hope.
And, I have no belly shots of the second one so far either. oops.

Scrapnqueen said...

All of my pregnancies were very different, and they were all boys. Just very different personalities! There goes that myth...

You look goh-geous, dahling! Don't worry, you'll get it all figured out in time! It's a long winter ahead, doncha know?


Jean said...

it's hard not seeing your belly grow week by week, day by day this time. :( BUT, you are beautiful and thanks for showing pictures!!! I was still imagining you not even popping out yet!