Friday, July 23, 2010

Fairy Tea Party

Last week we had the privilege of attending a lovely little tea party hosted by the local garden society. In the Sunday paper (which we have gotten into reading more and more of lately--I think we're getting old) I noticed a fun article about several gatherings they were sponsoring to encourage little people to enjoy and get excited about gardening.

I am a huge proponent of backyard garden. Hee-youge. Unfortunately, this year my garden is barely able to be called by that name. It resembles more of a backyard jungle, and not even a fun jungle that you'd want to explore, more of a scary jungle that might grab you by the leg and suck you down into its weedy depths. If there are any vegetables to speak of this year, it will be a veritable miracle.

At any rate, I love gardening and want to teach my kiddos about the joys and benefits of tilling the earth, (Next year though, kay?) so my ears perked up at this fun tea party opportunity. Besides, my girlie and I love getting all dressed up. "Balls to the wall pretty," as one of my favorite comediennes would say.

Now, I'm not likely going to be making us identical outfits anytime soon, but I did go with similar garb for the two of us. It was just too fun. Is she not adorable as she's holding out her little skirt!?

The tea party was a great success. They had tables set out with fancy china and lemonade and beautiful cookies, some that even had lavender in them, a recipe I am dying to test out. There was a story time with a book about butterflies and a craft area where the kids could make little fairy gardens of their own with sticks, leaves and dried flowers. The woman who was hosting the party had an absolutely beautiful garden of her own, with paths, fountains, benches and immaculate landscaping. We had a fun time searching for little fairies hidden in the plants and paths, smelling all of the different flowers, and discovering what veggies were growing.

If I ever get my garden to a stage where it is acceptable for viewing from outsiders, I am definitely hosting a mini version of this with friends. It was such a lovely afternoon with my favorite girl and what a great way to teach kids to love gardening!


Abi said...

I have an AWESOME lavender cookie recipe that I used to make a lot back when I lived in a house that had a garden. Tastyness.

Also, was the fairy garden lady in Grand Rapids? I seem to remember going to similar garden like that a few years ago when my family was on our way to vacation up north.

And you two look super cute. :)

Jean said...

what a fun girlie day :) You two are so cute! And i love her red shoes. Very stylish. :)

heather said...

oh how fun!! so cute that you and Randi match, too. I love this idea - Zora would be all over it, she's so dainty as it is. :) Those are great pics of Randi, too!